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I am Van's fandom.

-> [community profile] bloodyvalentine is...not set up yet. I still need to make a more indepth post on how it'll work and what sort of rules will happen for posting but right now I am tired. |D; My idea is just basically "Sign up with fandom and kink, write for a month, post, ???, INTERNET FAME" so it'll be very low pressure and there would be no penalties if you can't make the deadline. Also, not having it as an exchange means that people can write to their comfort levels and not be forced to write something that makes them uncomfortable.

I also decided to include the other kinks that fall under guro that a lot of people forget like scat/vomit/watersports/etc. Not that there really has been any sort of call for them but I figure if I'm going to run a challenge with the idea that 'your kink is okay', I probably shouldn't be saying "this kink is okay but take that kink elsewhere." Having it just be sexualized violence may be more consistent (and...would actually fit the community name) but I think I rather have a place for people with "disgusting/gross/wrong" kinks to write and draw what they want than just a kinky gorefest. If it's not your kink, just move on. Not that hard. :|

...Though honestly, my biggest concern is that some things I allowed might be "too mainstream", like watersports. THIS SAYS SO MUCH ABOUT ME...

-> [community profile] hardmode will (hopefully) have a post up tomorrow about interest in Round Two and an open call for new ideas. I definitely feel like I was very messy and disorganized with how I ran Round One and I also really gave the artists the short end of the stick so I want to try and improve that. I might do what that uh, one poly bigbang did where sign-ups ended on the due date. That way I could have a list of all completed BBs and artists can pick and choose instead of me trying to assign stuff to them and then have the writer drop out last minute. Less stress for the writer, more choice for the artist and an easier time for me.

Though I keep wanting to try and figure out how a reverse BB would go. It would be nice to have something go in the other direction with writers writing for art but I'm not sure how that would go...BUT IT'S AN IDEA.

-> [personal profile] cypher came up for the name of both of those challenges. I feel this is worth noting.

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