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undead vampiric blue spacegoat. in plate. ([personal profile] vangirl) wrote2011-03-07 06:38 pm
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I am Beth's (and [personal profile] cypher's!) challenge.

...I keep wanting to say something about [community profile] yuri_challenge and the turn-out and um. all I can do is ♥.

I cannot wait until people start posting. ;;

...I will probably be all over Madoka Magica this round, if I can get over my fear of being jossed by a series that will DEFINITELY joss me. >->
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[personal profile] cypher 2011-03-08 02:21 am (UTC)(link)
It is pretty thrilling! I am so happy that this seems to be a thing people wanted. I am so happy that we could provide it for them.

In general this is pretty rad. ^_^