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I am Van's kink.

I think it's been a loooong while since I last had one of these posts so:

What do you find appealing about your Kink of Choice?

Anon is on, but if you abuse it you lose it.

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I have this, thing, in fic and art, about characters having sex so intense that the receiving partner uhh, pees themselves during orgasm.

I'm not really sure why. I think I just like the amount of intensity and passion that would go into making that happen.
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I have a great old bag of kinks myself but when it comes down to critical hit its super effective this kink bleeds into the rest in some way or another: Co-dependence.

I find it anywhere and everywhere and whether the relationship is familial, romantic, or sexual, I ACCEPT THEM ALL, the more co-dependency the better *A*

It can easily tie into power play dynamics and the more unbreakable and hopelessly unhealthy the harder my buttons are pushed.

I think it stems from my own interest and value in intrapersonal relationships. The well of depth when it comes to emotional investment and security, that a part of your brain is always connected to thinking or doing something for one person in particular (whether or not it borders on addiction/obsession). The need for physical closeness, small or large gestures, constant attention, reaffirming your relationship with every touch and its the perfect breeding ground for vulnerability because I know you like the back of my hand you know me like the back of yours (...emotion play: another A+ kink what can I say).

Following that train of thought, it really does connect to the emotions for me. I'm a highly sensitive person and deeply empathetic, for me, the emotional intensity that comes with that sort of connection, the need to depend on someone is one of the most stimulating things I can ever play out and run through my brain. I love the manipulation of emotions is ultimately leads to, naturally or intentioned. From making someone smile to making them squirm flustered or red faced with anger. The double edge sword of emotional control and power fascinates me, I enjoy it in real life as much as I do in fiction. In fiction I get to explore them in much different outlets., I stand corrected. POINT A: EMOTIONS. WHICH LEADS TO POINT B: CO-DEPENDENCY. WHICH LEADS TO POINT C: ALL OF MY OTHER KINDS I AM SURE.

I'm mildly impressed with banging this out considering my sick state xD;
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Re: emotion play

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Hi, I just accepted a kink prompt as a writing exercise and one of the themes is 'emotion play'(maybe it goes by another name because I can't find anything on the web about it). I can't quite grasp it...any way you can describe it or give me some examples to work with and get a better understanding? thanks!
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Well hello, this was a surprise xD

I ACTUALLY WROTE AN ESSAY on what emotion play is to me and why I love it and even cited some of my fandom examples for it! So I will link you to that.

I also talk about another kink in the latter half of my post, so please make sure to read the warnings posted at the top of the entry just to make sure everything is safe for you.

I hope you found this helpful o/
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Thanks, I was just saying that I bet someone wrote a paper on it! Thanks also for the warning but I'm open to everything.

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I've definitely got a thing for size difference, especially from the point of view of the smaller party. There's something about someone being stronger and almost too much to take, to the point of being totally overwhelming, that I find very appealing.

And I guess I've also got a thing for 'kidnapped by bandits' scenarios--you know, the silly bodice-ripper stories with the handsome, dashing bandit coming in through your window to ravish you. Call it the gothic fiction fan in me.
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...commenting again because I totally remembered I wanted to talk about something else too.

I would want to talk about kink when my brain is mush.

Something else I've come into the last few years that at first surprised but quickly made sense was: bodily fluids. Bodily fluids everywhere. I love messy sex, splattered with your partners come or arousal and going another round (especially if you're even wetter/slicker because of it and it gets you off). Something's so intense and so good you can't help but cry, tears rolling down your cheeks and snot making its way down, past your lips. Sweat, everything's too hot and getting any good grip or friction is suddenly frustratingly hard. Blood, the openness and intimacy of sharing your touch, smell, taste, whether medical and sterile or dangerous and dirty. I also love watersports, whether its the release after the overwhelming pressure of holding it in or the hot splash of someone relieving themselves.


I love it for the openness, for the mess, for the cleaning up after, and for all the intimacy it prompts. Sharing and expressing bodily functions we're taught as private things especially. I don't think the fact some of them are considered taboo is what gets me. But I do love all the openness about it, to let go that much is what really drives my gears. I think I'm done.

(Anonymous) 2011-03-18 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
The more I think about it, the harder it is to pinpoint a specific kink that always gets me going. I'm not big on bestiality, but I love good tentacle porn. There's a bondage element to it that doesn't really translate well into standard bondage as far as I know. Tentacles presumably would be living or have some consciousness behind them, which allows for an instant response to whatever struggle is being put up by the receiver. There's also the chance for a plethora of stimuli, be it multiple penetrations or physical contact in more places than a human(oid) partner could reaching at once.

I have other kinks, but they're much more hit and miss.

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Not feeling up to posting logged in right now, but I was like...just about to make pretty much this exact post.