vangirl: (Van/Legretta: Paperwork)
undead vampiric blue spacegoat. in plate. ([personal profile] vangirl) wrote2011-08-29 07:44 pm

I am Van's hunt.

I've been all over Seattle these past few weeks, meeting half the internet and seeing exciting tourist hotspots like Babeland. I've been learning to cook, living healthier, and been slowly adapting to this whole 'socializing without relying (entirely) on pixelated dragon pinatas or ninja porn' thing. Life has been good!

Except for the tiny little detail that job hunting in a city with actual competition is harder. I've been walking into stores that have 'now hiring' signs on the front, filling out applications, scouring places like and The List of Scams Craigslist and learning how to complete a resume that is only half-shitty instead of completely shitty. Yet still! Jobs, they elude me!

Anyone have any advice on this whole job hunting thing? Or have a cheat code to unlock the Job Interview level? I am sure it exists.

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