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I am Van's MEME TIME.

...Been awhile since I did one of these on DW so HERE WE GO:

1. Reply to this post with "CHEESECAKE", and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Mine were picked by [personal profile] nightmachinery

...I really have no explanation for this beyond "I was feeling immature the day I noticed I had no cock-related icons." Apparently enough so to make an entire set. (Warning: icons located on LJ are OLD and CRAPPY.)

BLAST FROM THE PAST TO 2008! I asked [ profile] noirrac if she would mind if I iconned some of her art and she did not! So I iconned a bunch of her Jade/Anise fanart and this was my favorite of her stuff. I like how Anise isn't aged up here and that it is pretty obvious what is going on between the two here in this icon. NO SHAME AT ALL. IT IS MARVELOUS.

Sadly, she seems to have taken a lot of her older Abyss stuff down from her dA and I can't find the original image. Oh well. :(

This was made by [ profile] ionizable and I only vaguely remember the story behind it: something to do with Fende genes. Anyway, I found the idea of Tear with facial hair charming and have kept this icon since! I should reupload the Van-boobs icon. I don't remember why I got rid of it...OH LOOK AT WHAT PROBLEM I JUST SOLVED.

Icon by [ profile] bella_sol. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and the icon was pretty so I snagged it! I've kind of used it as my more subtle 'deep thoughts/thinky-think' icon, when I'm not just using it cause sunflowers are badass flora.

By [ profile] soaked. Draenei are sexy and have the best quotes. THAT IS REALLY ALL THIS ICON IS FOR. It is a good SFW-if-your-boss-can't-read-very-fast porn icon though.

edit: more meme cause why not!

from [personal profile] redefined

Charlotte from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I've used this icon on my plurk profile and kind of have a Charlotte theme going there. She only has about five minutes of screentime but I really have grown attached to her. I don't really have any reason for it, but something about her design and the design of her barrier intrigue me...That and her signature CHOMP move.

Oh yeah. As for the icon itself, I use it whenever I feel a comment needs a Jaws theme going for it, or some genuine creepiness.

Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist~ She is my second favorite homunculus and I really love her. I don't really have a specific use for this icon beyond a sort of bemused thoughtfulness. Usually bemused thoughtfulness in regards to kink, if I am actually thinking enough to be somewhat clever.

Velen is the Prophet of the draenei. He foresaw the end of their race and, after a moment of thought, figured it would be a really awesome idea to pack up all the people he can and get them the fuck off of Argus. He is a respectable leader who inspires faith and confidence in his people, even after all the hardships the draenei have suffered in the past 25,000 years...and since I play a lot of draenei, I have grown to admire him myself.

I use this icon for whenever I'm nerding over WoW stuff (specifically the draenei) as well as the rare moments I actually discuss spirituality and religion.

ION! IN SPAAAACE! is the entire purpose of this icon. That and whenever I am feeling silly and whimsical. It does work very well as a 'trippy' icon as well. I'm not the icon maker of this one, but I'm pretty sure it's one of Ion being smashed against the wall, only cleverly turned to look different.

This is one of my general all purpose 'kink' icons. There's a sort edge to this one though, being a collar made of barbed wire and it works well as a 'trapped' icon as well. Dual-edged icons are apparently a thing.

from [personal profile] solerika

ffff this was long back at LJ. For some reason or other I was posting Van-related videos from youtube and uh, Taisa noticed that my icon matched up with the video at a certain point in an interesting way. |D; Then Gargant iconned this finding, and gave it the keywords: "glorious completely Van".

One of those nostalgic 'good ol' days' moments that I miss from Abyss' early days. ;_;

One of my other kink icons, this time with boots. Boots are hot to me because they always seem to give a sense of power to the wearer. Each step feels heavier and there's something...noticeable about the way they influence a walk. I particularly like this icon because the wearer seems to casually stretch their legs out. They have power and they are comfortable wearing that power.

I like boots.

I made this one! For [community profile] fandom20in20! I saw this panel from one of the gag manga and wanted to do some child-like silly coloring for it, so I settled on flat bright colors. It is my excited fan-squee icon, and also goes well with miscellaneous inappropriate cuteness.

Also another [community profile] fandom20in20 icon, and I actually can remember the theme of this one offhand: temperature. The challenge was to be hot or cold and I think I managed a bit of both with this one, just from the coloring. From this point in the manga, Van has a cold expression but is speaking with a disgust in regards to the power he's currently holding inside himself. Hot and cold again, though in a more 'I'm really stretching for this connection' way.

Also, it's snowing in the background and Van has sexy hair. HOT AND COLD ON YET ANOTHER LAYER.

I sometimes use this as my 'cold rage' icon, for the times when something manages to make me so anger I can't even use capslock/raise my voice about it. The sort of anger where you're very very angry yet fully aware of yourself.

But I also use it as my 'a hot Van would be appropriate WHICH ICON DO I CHOOSE?' icon.

As you can see, this is an icon with many layers. Most of them really fucking thin and stretched out.

Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I have grown quite fond of her, even if she is not a major player. She is a lonely girl who survives and smiles through the loneliness and the shit life she was given. This is her starting her transformation, her ribbons whipping around her as though keeping her in a cage.

This is an icon of a magical girl and her power, as well as an icon of a trapped girl. I use it for both purposes.

/pokes dreamwidth
live liiiiiiive

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