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Tales of Bukkake -- 42 icons for kink_bingo

For [community profile] kink_bingo, using my 'wet, messy, dirty' square as an excuse for bukkake over various skit faces!

Content note: Discussion of dubcon. Underage characters (as young as 10 technically 2) and non-humanoids also join in the fun.

Tales of Bukkake!

'Tales of' is a JRPG game series that is well known for the characters in each game. Particularly the various skits each game has where characters This originally started with me discovering the splatter brushes in Pixlr and a small screenshot collection of various skit faces. I made a few icons for fun before I remembered that I had 'wet, messy, dirty' on my card and decided this would be an excellent, easy thing to do to satisfy a square. While working on various faces, I found myself thinking about all the different aspects of bukkake as a kink and how various skit faces changed the way I approached the kink.

So with that big paragraph out of the way: BEHOLD! Icons with more paragraphs!

Body parts

- "You like what you see?"

One method to approach bukkake is to focus not so much on the cum itself, but on how the cum falls on the other person. While bukkake is known as a 'face shot', Judith here has cum falling across her breast, stomach and face. She is presenting herself, as though asking her partner to admire his work.

Raven is showing some excellent ways that bukkake can be used to emphasize a specific part of the body. The cum here emphasizes his prominent chin. He may find the attention appealing or find it embarrassing, likely depending on the partner and the context in which he just had cum splashed all over his chin.

Repede and Mieu are both mascots of their respective games, Repede being a dog and Mieu being a fantastical cheagle. In Repede's icon, his distinct canine snout is given extra attention and the way the cum falls on him is very different than the way it would for a human. With Mieu, the entirety of his tiny body is covered, with the cum highly visible on his teal fur.

Humiliation+Emotion Play

Bukkake is probably most known for the humiliation aspect of the kink. Even though they may have enjoyed what happened, it can be an embarrassing thing to admit that you like wearing someone's cum and might even want more.

In regards to my own personal id, their blushes are part of what makes these icons so attractive. They look so adorable when they're embarrassed with cum dripping off their faces.

- "I can't go out like this!"

There is also a marking effect to bukkake. Zelos here isn't quite enthralled with the prospect of going out with all that on his face, especially since it'll likely reduce the effectiveness of his 'Personal' EX-Skill. Women are less likely to give free gifts to a man wearing someone else's cum, after all.

Bukkake is also a great way to take someone from a position of power and put them in their place. Flynn and Van are prominent military figures of their respective worlds, both of them holding a great deal of political power and influence. Being put into a submissive position and wearing such a prominent mark of ownership is shameful. And incredibly hot.

...Possibly more hot for me than them, but it's still hot.

The ones wearing the cum don't have to be the same ones being humiliated. Neither Genis nor Anise are impressed by their partner's performance and they're not afraid to tell them so. Jade did find it impressive -- impressively hilarious that is. Knowing Yuri, he probably made a joke at his partner's expense and is now laughing as Flynn so desperately tries to stammer out how awful the phrase 'milking the purple trouser snake' is.

(You can thank [personal profile] cypher for that last one by the way.)


Ageplay is a favorite kink of mine so I couldn't resist getting the younger characters (or at least those that look younger) involved. One of my favorite brands of loli and shouta often involve a younger character working hard to please an adult, often smiling when they've successfully earned their praise. (Perhaps the reverse holds true in the case of Presea?) Another thing that is appealing about ageplay is its connections to virginity. Bukkake is an excellent way to have fun with characters while still maintaining the 'technical virginity' that much of society upholds, and Anise is able to 'stay pure' for her future rich husband.

With such young characters, they may not have any clue as to what exactly is being done. Karol may have learned some things by overhearing adult conversations in Dahngrest but he may not have expected the mess the first time he played with himself. Ion doesn't have much sexual experience at all and Mieu has never done anything with a human, so neither one of them quite know what to make of what just happened to them. The cluelessness and mess they both wear is certainly hot for some.

And by 'some', I mean definitely me.

Of course, surprise doesn't have to be limited to the younger boys. Some of the older girls may have an idea of how their own bodies work, but learning the workings of a body of the opposite sex may still be a surprise. (And yes, I know it looks like Tear already got bukkake'd up in 'Humiliation'. This is her replica being bukkake'd for the first time. Clearly. >:|>)

Consent Play

While I've touched on both humiliation and ageplay in this post, you're probably wondering how many of these icons look like they're taken out of entirely consensual scenarios. There is quite a few where it looks like the characters, for some unfathomable reason, don't want to be smeared in someone's cum. There is plenty of extrapolation that can be taken with various icons. Karol may be trying to earn his way into a guild. Anise may be trying to earn some money to make up for what her parents lost. And Luke may have gotten mixed information about what being an ambassador actually requires and isn't all too fond of that aspect of the title.

In many of these icons, it is pretty clear that the characters cooperated enough to let themselves be marked, and may have even said 'yes', but that cooperation and consent is not meaningful in whatever context they found themselves in.

- "As you wish."

Guy is an excellent example of dubious consent. As a servant, he doesn't have the power to say 'no' when such a demand is made of him. He is his master's property, and he is marked as such.

...As you might has guessed, I am especially fond of the power-dynamics involved in bukkake.

And plain ol' good filthy fun

Of course, consent play doesn't have to involve a lack of consent. Enthusiastic consent totally counts! Getting messy is fun after all, so there are plenty of characters that would enjoy getting messy with someone else's cum. I know I had fun making this mess in Pixlr, at the very least.

And that concludes the post! A bit cruel of me, leaving Judith and Yuri both hoping for more.

edit: Added on request! Thanks to [personal profile] solerika for sending the images over.

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