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mitsuhachi ([personal profile] mitsuhachi) wrote in [personal profile] vangirl 2011-10-19 11:36 pm (UTC)

skjf;lasdhgsdgh YES. FF13, I so concur with every point. I can't wait to get far enough to see Fang and Vanille interact in the present time. And I am so hardcore in love with Light I seriously just flail every time she's onscreen. And as for Hope... well, honestly, I was totally expecting to hate him and Snow both, because they both look like they're going to hit that man-child frat-boy thing, but actually? Completely charmed by them both. So thrilled with it. <3

And unf. Orochimaru is the posterchild for badtouch and I LOVE it. The anime just makes it that much worse, too--there's a shot in the opening that you may have seen already where Sasuke is naked and being molested by snakes while Orochimaru makes creepy eyes in the background. I still look at that and cannot fucking believe its for real.<3

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