lynndyre: Yuri with the Brave Vesperia symbol behind him. (yuri)
lynndyre ([personal profile] lynndyre) wrote in [personal profile] vangirl 2011-10-20 12:04 am (UTC)

I used to have a whole bunch of PS3 translated skit links, but when I went to look again the youtube account had been deleted. I'll have to see if they're up anywhere else.

It included stuff like Yuri's first crush was on someone 14 years older, and 7 year old Flynn falling into the river and surviving by killing a merfish. And one of Patty and Raven and a very flustered Flynn, rating the girls' swimsuits.

And the entire cast uniting in trying to stop Flynn from taking his turn cooking dinner. ^.^ That one also made it canon that Yuri usually did the cooking for them when they lived together.

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