vangirl: (Orochimaru: Rebirth)
undead vampiric blue spacegoat. in plate. ([personal profile] vangirl) wrote 2011-10-22 01:16 am (UTC)

FF13 is so amazing with ladies omg. I love Fang, Vanille and Lightning. And yeah, Snow ended up being very charming in that 'I landed on my head so I'm okay!' way and Hope is adorable as the DOOM DOOM DOOM kid (who gets better if you got far enough along!) I also am liking Sazh as well. Some of his background story is really touching.

Oh man yeeeeees. Orochimaru is just unf. [personal profile] cypher said I had to watch some of the anime to see him in action so I may have to set some time aside for that this weekend.

(...and again, the fanart you drew for [personal profile] cypher was wonderful. :9)

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