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I am Van's pet snakeman.


Anyway, the job hunt has been going. I've been getting interviews but have had terrible luck getting the jobs (I did manage to completely botch an interview last week that I'm still in DEEP SHAME about soooob) but I've still been floating on the money I've saved up so the situation isn't completely dire just yet.

Mouse has been adjusting slowly. She's been better about coming out of my room and hanging out in the living room, so long as Ren is asleep. She'll actually approach Garnet for play time (and vice versa) but they never seem to want to play at the same time. And she's apparently been hanging out with [personal profile] cypher before zie goes to work, which is rather impressive given that we've been here two months and it took Mouse years before she'll approach Mom or Shea for cuddles.

In other news: rambling about consumption of media!

I played and beat Tales of Vesperia a...while ago. And forgot to post about it properly!

One thing I feel the game did fantastically well was the party dynamics. Tales is known for its endearing main casts and I feel that Vesperia is probably the best Tales game I've played on this front. Brave Vesperia was a wonderful found family that would go to the ends of the world for their members and I just adored it. I loved the sibling dynamics Yuri had with Estelle and Karol (as well as Rita and Karol's bickering and teasing sibling dynamic) and I loved the sort of father/uncle figure that Raven played...and I loved Judith and Ba'ul.

Even the flying sky whale was part of the family.

I even managed an OTP: Rita/Estelle~ I love how their relationship was just. there, and was healthy and supportive. And you know, queer and canon. (I am sure there are fans that would try to insist otherwise but. clearly, they are doing it wrong.) Flynn and Yuri were also really fantastic for this 'queer and canon' thing and they even hit on some of my pings. I think the only reason I'm not shipping them harder is because I am apparently being contrary. I'll get over it though.

The plot did feel a bit unpolished to me though. [personal profile] thunderedge told me it was because the XBox version was rushed and the PS3 version is supposedly more 'complete'. It was still a disappointment to play a game and know it was considered unfinished in a sense.

...I also did not much care for the villains, though [personal profile] cypher warned me that they would be a bit disappointing. Mainly I'm disappointed by how...familiar some of the monologuing from the Act II villain was. I wonder if anyone can guess who I meaaaan.

OVERALL THOUGH: Vesperia was fun and I'm glad I had the chance to play it.

I watched Baccano! recently at [personal profile] cypher's insistence, and I found myself wondering why the hell did I wait so long? Immortal 1920s mafia! Fun, playful violence that is completely unapologetic about it! Terrible, horrible things happening to children!

Oh yes, and intriguing storytelling with fantastically written characters.

But mostly unrepentant gore and violence.

It was a fantastic experience.

On a more serious note, I loved Ladd and Lua. Normally I don't care for DOMINANT MANLY MEN/submissive quiet female dynamics but apparently I'm all for them when they're over the top and clearly unhealthy as hell. Instead of, you know, being considered genuinely romantic and The Way Things Are.

Though I suppose there is something romantic about a guy that will kill you last.

I started reading Naruto before I moved and it's been...slow going. Mainly the huge chapter count has been intimidating me. As of right now I'm on chapter 288...out of 550-something. orz Given my past track record with shounen though, I've been doing well! It usually doesn't take long for my interest to peter out on shounen but I keep reading because I want to see how this all ends.

I tried hard not to, but I love Naruto and Sasuke and their friendly rivalry, and how far Naruto will go for Sasuke.

I love how Naruto has so much faith in people and his ability to jesus them with his fists.

I love Sakura's character development, from a boy-obsessed girl to a young woman who will punch you down.

I love the overall message that you should try your best, without the condescending belief that that's all you need. You will try your best and sometimes you will fail, but you deserve respect for trying anyway. That is more realistic, and ultimately more positive, message than what you see in most other media that focuses hard on TRY HARDER AND WIN.

I also really really really love the body horror omg. (Hello, using your VERY BONES AS WEAPONS? Kimimaro, why was your time so short? ;_;) And just.


...It likely surprises no-one that I go for the snake ninja who desires the bodies of little boys (yes, his look out for a new body? they phrase it like that), given my track record but um. Yes. *___*

There is a reason he is my current icon.

And for the last, I recently started Final Fantasy XIII. I think the last FF game I played was VII? (I played some of X but never beat it.) It's really fun to see the massive leap in improvement, in both graphics and gameplay.

I'm into disc two currently and recently gained Fang in my party. Right now I am adoring the characters, even if they have their ridiculous moments (and probably I love them because they're a bit ridiculous) and the plot that is supposedly very 'huh what' is still fascinating to me. I intrigued by the sort of 'countdown to body horror' fear that the l'Cie have to deal with, and how they are pushed so far to deal with it.

And uh, the fact that 2/3rds of the females in your party are fucking badass warrior types? And you get a cute short shouta mage/healer type? THANK YOU, SQUAREENIX. THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE. Gold star for taking that step away from gender essentialism in RPGs! Though in retrospect, they have been pretty good on that front, what with characters like Tifa and all. It's just nice to see more of that.

(AND MORE CANON LESBIANS. I have not actually seen Fang and Vanille interact beyond that one flashback, but it is so obvious from the way they care about each other. This is also a trend I approve of in RPGs. ;_;)

Don't have a lot of concrete thoughts (as though this post has anything concrete), but I will say that I'm having fun now that I'm properly enjoying a Final Fantasy again after...six years? Damn, I'm excited to enjoy more of this game.
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[personal profile] cypher 2011-10-20 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
...I would trade you pairing-of-your-choice fic for some Orochimaru/Kimimaro porn, fwiw. :d
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[personal profile] mitsuhachi 2011-10-20 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
I think I can do that, though it would probably end up being heavier on the body-horror-as-metaphor than outright sex, if that's ok. I'll see what I can do, yeah? And how do you feel about Kakashi/Sasuke? Or, really, either of them anyone--I keep thinking there needs to be something about extracurricular uses of the sharingan.
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[personal profile] cypher 2011-10-20 02:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Hee! It was the very first pairing to ping me, so I will see what I can do about coming up with a good scenario for making it really happen. ^^