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Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide person and/or space alien and/or deep sea aquatic fish,

I sincerely hope that my sign-up hasn't scared you off just yet! In general, I am someone that loves and adores violence and gore and other squinky gross horror things being given the erotic treatment and that trend shows through 3 out of 4 of my requests. I do think if you share those fandom, you are probably able to at least stomach some gore but if eroticizing that gore is too much for you, you are COMPLETELY FREE to disregard these requests and just focus on the selected characters. I will just as eagerly read fic of Nyarlathotep eating toast as I would of him toying with mortal races in a pornographic and mind-seering fashion.

I also enjoy cuteness and fluff, though I can never manage to write it myself. If you feel compelled to write adorable Ravenous fluff, I will eager nom it all up.

Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft
Canon: All of H.P. Lovecraft's works are available to read on If you want to throw money at a dead guy, you can also buy stuff from
Request: Nyarlathotep has a thousand forms. I imagine a pretty large chunk of those forms involve tentacles. And tentacles are made for porn.

...Basically the gist of this request: Lovecraftian tentacle porn.

This request is incredibly straightforward but possibly nerve-wracking due to the source. Nyarlathotep is a bit of bastard jerkface that enjoys toying with the mortal races and he has a thousand forms. Lovecraftian tentacle porn with a good blend of horror and hot will be amazing if you can manage it.

If not, I also accept Nyarlathotep eating toast or using World of Warcraft accounts to ensnare human minds for the lulz. An eldrich abomination's got to have hobbies after all.

Exquisite Corpse - Poppy Z. Brite
Canon: You can buy a copy of it from Amazon! And maybe there's a copy at your local library, who knows.
Request: My favorite part of this book were Andrew's and Jay's individual killing scenes, and how their approaches to the same act were so different. Andrew enjoys the art of the kill and an intimate death while Jay enjoys the mechanics of the body and the mess one can make with it. Anything working with those two differences and combining them or dividing them would be wonderful to read!

I am the person that read this book and thought the murder scenes were hot. So essentially what I want is more of those! I would be especially pleased if this worked out to be a 'slice-of-life for two serial killers who are in love yet have creative differences' thing! (And if you can't write eroticized gore, it could just be 'slice-of-life for two serial killers who kill off screen' thing. I will still be pleased!)

Ravenous (1999)
Canon: You can buy a copy from! You won't even have to leave the house to get it!
Request: I'm interested in an alternate ending where Boyd takes up Ives' offer on living in a more-or-less happy cannibal family. I am admittedly shallow and would be happy if this simply included hot cannibal action, but any sort of exploration of Ives' Manifest Destiny would be grand. Bonus points for including Captain Hart!

...What it says on the tin! I love this movie and the commentary it makes on the gluttony and greed of Manifest Destiny through the use of attractive cannibals (...if you can stomach the bit of racefail in the movie itself). If you have the brain for it, an exploration for that concept will be amazing. If not, I love delicious cannibal porn as much as the next wendigo and it doesn't need to involve anything like 'plot' or 'canon adherence' at all!

Canon: Supposedly you can watch the whole thing and the OVA at I haven't tested it yet. Also, if you prefer to watch it legally, it has been licensed and you can get it on Amazon. Seriously, is there anything that site does not have?
Request: This anime is near and dear to my heart but it did always make me sad that Manatsu had to leave Ichika's life entirely. The OVA does show them together again, but only for a short while. I just don't want their OVA meeting to be their 'one last time'.

BLAST TO THE PAST OF 2004. This is one of my favorite anime, even if it's something of a hard sell to other people with all the panty shots of cute lolis who then then grow to hate the world and themselves, but I find the last episode had a strong emotional payout for all the negativity and trauma. Still, I want Manatsu and Ichika to be happy together after the end, and for more than one day.


...I will also accept loli porn if that is your speed. 8)

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