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BloodyValentine Bingo.

I decided I wanted to try and have fun in my own challenges this year.

body horror

Possibly I should have removed 'gore' from my list since it's essentially an extra free space for me, given how it can include all my favorite thiiiiiings~ I did roll's RNG dice fair and square though, so I will accept it. I also think it was spoiling me for including body horror and cannibalism, especially since I started with a list of 32 items. Then again, RNG has been fond of selecting body horror and cannibalism (as well as xeno) for other cards so I do suspect it has bias and excellent tastes.

Vomit and infection were both ones I waffled with and decided to keep for the sake of a challenge. In some contexts they're strong squinks for me but can also simultaneously kink me! Never wrote them out in detail and I don't have any scenarios in mind yet but I will...see how that goes. Worse case scenario, I can't make a blackout but I will at least have tried. *^*

I do know for cannibalism I want to try and write for a fandom that isn't Ravenous or Saya no Uta, just to see if I can come up with something that would work in a fandom that doesn't immediately call for it. Something fluffy and cute for it would be nice. *^*
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Fluffy and cute cannibalism, oh holy wow, I would love something like that ♥!
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That is a shiny card!

Something fluffy and cute for it would be nice. *^*

When I read this, my first thought was of a GameCube game called Cubivore. My second was of Kirby.