Feb. 12th, 2011

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Hello everybody~ :D :D :D

I am actually not feeling very :D-ish, more like @_@-ish, but that is a separate rant that amounts to "If I am working alternating 5/6 weeks, I really really would like to know when you randomly make one of my 5-day weeks into a 6-day week. And would appreciate being asked before you mess with my schedule."

Though I guess on the plus side, I am making enough that I do not feel any guilt whatsoever for wanting to buy a new laptop. I had this Macbook for about 5/6 years and it could probably last for a bit longer but I've been playing WoW more seriously and I want a machine where I can actually move the little graphics quality slider past 'Poor'. I can upgrade the RAM but the fans have also been making noises (not happy with being on 'high' so often), and the backlight has times where it flickers and I've already upgraded the motherboard and harddrive once so it may be more cost effective to just get a new machine. >->

So! Any WoW players here who use a laptop? What do you use?


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