Apr. 6th, 2011

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If you’re playing a video game full of space dragons, giant monsters, attractive aliens and space travel but what you call out to be unrealistic is that some of the characters in the game either are canonly or interpreted to be anything but heterosexual, that’s a homophobic and heteronormative mindset. If you legitimately believe heterophobia is a problem, that’s a heternormative mindset. Let me break something down for you and blow your mind—most canons (this isn’t exclusive to games) are heteronormative. If you’re upset because the only storyline for a canon gay character isn’t struggling with oppression/internalizing homophobia or that it isn’t present at all when there are space dragons and consider that to be the most unrealistic part of the game, that’s a homophobic and heteronormative mindset. If we’re talking fic set in the ’50s, or something set in modern day law enforcement which is notoriously homophobic for example, then yeah, maybe that should be a part of the story. But when we’re talking alternate fantasy universes with space dragons and as a straight person you feel the need to inform everyone how the gay/bi characters aren’t realistic because they aren’t nearly being executed for being homosexual, that’s heteronormative and homophobic behavior!

Preferring to write/read fiction that is not heteronormative is not heterophobic. It’s actually impossible for “heterophobia” to be a serious problem—people aren’t murdered and/or bullied to the point they harm themselves or commit suicide just for being heterosexual. Heterosexual people don’t have their worth dismissed or aren’t believed to be irrational or inherently bad just for being heterosexual. If you consider yourself to be open-minded and/or not homophobic but your favorite character can’t be gay because gay is not as good as straight is, that’s homophobic. Preferring to read/write heterosexual, heterormative romance because you are heterosexual/bisexual isn’t homophobic (as long as you aren’t repulsed by mere mentions of The Gays, or ignoring canon bisexuality because Bi Is Bad). But when you start acting like you have some kind of power over what other people read and write, or that they should put a warning on it because it’s offensive material to you since your favorite character cannot possibly be gay because they’re your favorite, that is heternormative and homophobic behavior. Check yourself.

I think I already said I am sick to death with fandom's tendency to assume straight until proven otherwise, as though homo/bi/a/pansexuality was something that has to be 'proven' to justify writing fanfic involving it and heterosexuality is a given (and yet it's still okay to write all sorts of canon-breaking AUs 'just because I felt like it'?) but. I AM SICK TO DEATH WITH IT.

I am sick to death of people who feel that their right to decide what is or isn't 'canon-abiding' (aka "the RIGHT way to write a character") supersedes my right to actually have stories that I enjoy. I am sick of people that feel the need to explain how they feel so ~alienated~ from fandom because so much of it is slash-focused, when the canon itself (and the rest of mainstream media) is goes with the same heteronormative 'straight until proven otherwise' idea they have.

And I am sick of people who believe that because a tiny internet niche doesn't cater to them and them alone then that is somehow proof that they're the targets of actual hatred. If you confuse 'not being pampered and treated as some upstanding standard of normality' with 'hatred' then well, privilege has spoiled you.

You can still believe that writing fandom characters as anything other than straight without 'proof' is wrong wrong wrong, even when there isn't even any 'canon proof' of them being straight at all. I have no control over how you think. I still have the right to think your brain is loaded with heteronormativity and that it makes you smell bad.

No seriously, have you gotten a whiff of your brain lately? Goddamn your thought process reeks.


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