Oct. 3rd, 2011

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Occupy Wall Street has been going on for about two weeks. It is a nonviolent protest that has expanded to cover the rest of the US and beyond and online.

This protest is about the widening income gap; about how the mega-rich are taxes at a lower percent of their total income than the poor (and corporations rarely pay them at all); about how higher level education costs have risen faster than people can afford to pay; about how cuts have been made on education, health care, and other government programs while the Bush's Tax Cuts are extended; about how the 99% struggle to get by while the 1% prosper on their hard labor. Essentially, this protest is about rising up to fight the "class warfare" that has already been declared against the majority of US citizens.

This protest is receiving minimal coverage from the media. Peaceful protesters in NYC have been arrested and attacked for exercising their right to assembly. Not that this is exactly new of police but this time the NYPD received its largest donation in history from JP Morgan Chase shortly afterwards. It's not hard to make the connection that our media and justice system favors and protects the interests of the 1% over the rest of the nation.

If you can't join in the protest or donate for whatever reason, that's fine, you have to survive too. Just know that Occupy Wall Street is not some just 'college students too stupid to choose a useful major' or 'lazy hippies looking for hangouts'. This protest is also for those who can't afford any college education, for those who live without health insurance (or have insurance that doesn't help) and are deep in medical debt, for those who are unemployed and are afraid of living on the streets, as well as those who are already there.

Hopefully, something good will come out of this.


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