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Gaming Fandom on DW

There are new people coming to DW and a lot of WHERE IS MY FANDOM?! talk. [personal profile] dingsi already did a post vaguely related to the "WHERE IS MY FANDOM?!" cries so, I figured a list of gaming communities may help.

General Communities
[community profile] a_gamer_is_me
[community profile] gaming
[community profile] girlgamers
[community profile] girl_gamers
[community profile] mmorpg
[community profile] rhythmgamers
[community profile] videogames

Panfandom Gaming Challenges
[community profile] areyougame (Prompt-based)
[community profile] easymode (Weekly drabble challenge)
[community profile] hardmode (Big Bang)
[community profile] newgameplus (Exchange)
[community profile] sidequest (Prompt-memes)

(I feel like there is or should be more but I am seriously blanking.)

Fandom Specific

[community profile] bioware
[community profile] dragonage (Dragon Age)
[community profile] peopleofthedas (Dragon Age)
[community profile] masseffect (Mass Effect)
[community profile] fornaxspecialedition (Mass Effect Xeno)
[community profile] swtor (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
[profile] tor_kinkmeme (SW:TOR Kink Meme)

Final Fantasy
[community profile] finalfantasy
[community profile] final_fantasy_archive (Fanworks)
[community profile] ff_exchange (Exchange)
[community profile] ff_press (Newsletter)
[community profile] ff_meta (Meta, general discussion)
[community profile] ff_yuri (Femslash)
[community profile] megaflare_ff (Big Bang)
[community profile] ffchaoticcosmos (Dissidia)
[community profile] ffvii (Final Fantasy VII)
[community profile] adventchildren (FF7 movie)
[community profile] ffvii_100 (FF7 Drabbles)
[community profile] ff7_drabbles (FF7 Drabbles)
[community profile] ff7_fanfiction (FF7 Fanfic)
[community profile] cloudxaerith (Cloud/Aerith)
[community profile] sephtifa (Sephiroth/Tifa)
[community profile] ffviii_100 (Final Fantasy VIII Drabbles)
[community profile] ffxii (Final Fantasy XII specific)
[community profile] ff13_drabbles (FF13 Drabbles)
[community profile] ff13_fanfiction (FF13 Fanfic)
[community profile] fang_lightning (Fang/Lightning)
[community profile] finalfantasyxiv (Final Fantasy XIV)

Kingdom Hearts
[community profile] kingdomhearts
[community profile] alternate_kh (AUs)
[community profile] khboys (Slash)
[community profile] kh_yuri (Femslash)
[community profile] akuroku (Axel/Roxas ship)
[community profile] leonxcloud (Leon/Cloud ship)

The Last Remnant
[community profile] thelastremnant
The Last Remnant Kink Meme

The Legend of Zelda
[community profile] legendofzelda
[community profile] triworks (Fanworks)

[community profile] pokemon
[community profile] pkmncollectors (Collections)
[community profile] shiny_pokemon (Shiny bragging and rubbing it into other people's faces 8|)

Resident Evil
[community profile] rpd_stars (General)
[community profile] re_icons (Icons)
[community profile] re_music_vid_list (AMVs)

Shin Megami Tenshi
[community profile] megaten
[community profile] gekkoukan (Persona 3)
[community profile] persona4 (Persona 4)

Sonic the Hedgehog
[community profile] mobius
[community profile] sonic_underground (Sonic Underground)

Tales of...
[community profile] talesof
[community profile] talesof_esp (Spanish/EspaƱol)
[community profile] talesofladies (Female characters)
[community profile] tales_100 (Drabbles)
[community profile] katz_village (Dressing Room style Roleplay)
[community profile] talesofdreams (Dressing Room style Roleplay)
[community profile] abyss (Tales of the Abyss)
[community profile] abyssdressing (Dressing Room style Roleplay)
[community profile] talesofdestiny (Tales of Destiny)
Tales of Kink Meme

[community profile] triace_100 (Drabbles)
[community profile] starocean (Star Ocean)
[community profile] undiscovery (Infinite Undiscovery)
tri-Ace Kink Meme

World of Warcraft
[community profile] adventures_in_azeroth
[community profile] fanwow
[community profile] world_of_kinkcraft (Kinkmeme)
[community profile] world_of_warcraft
[community profile] wowladies

[community profile] aceattorney (Phoenix Wright)
[community profile] depthsofthefog (Silent Hill)
[community profile] devilmaycry (Devil May Cry)
[community profile] dingsi_plays_bloodlines (Vampire: the Masquerade; Bloodlines reaction comm)
[community profile] fatal_frame (Fatal Frame)
[community profile] fire_emblem (Fire Emblem)
[community profile] metalgear (Metal Gear Solid)
[community profile] mother3 (Mother 3)
[community profile] musou (Koei's 'Warriors' series)
[community profile] ragnarokonline (Ragnarok Online)
[community profile] suikoden (Suikoden)
[community profile] wildarms (Wild Arms)
[community profile] xenoblade (Xenoblade)

This is most likely incomplete so if you have any communities/links that should be up there, let me know!

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