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I am Van's preschool experience.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not want to interact in online fandom. Maybe you have social anxiety, or your wrists can only take so much typing or you just flatout don't have enough time for it. Heck, maybe fandom is just something you don't particularly care to be active in and you just have more fun on the sidelines watching, that's fine too! There are no rules against lurkers in fandom!

However, if you are active enough in fandom to utter the phrase "There isn't enough X! This fandom sucks!", and then you have the gall to ignore someone that points out some X they found, then I can probably tell you exactly why there isn't enough 'X'.

No-one wants to plays in the same sandbox as the kid who always screeches for more trucks then picks the trucks that are there up, throws them at people and then continues screeching about their lack of trucks.

At the very least, I would rather play in the sandbox with the kid who builds castles and lets other people join in and build with her.

Fandom's a lot more fun when you're building castles instead of throwing trucks.
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That always really bothered me a lot, and I remember ranting about it a couple of years ago on my journal on LJ-- and maybe even in the FE Rants journal, too.

In that case it was about a pairing ("Why am I the only one writing A/B even though lots of people read it and always demand more/want more from me but never step up to write it themselves?") but it holds true for everything. (Why isn't there enough gen/porn/introspection/etc? Well, people that complain about it too often aren't contributing themselves. Case in point? REVIEWS. Oh, man. I had a friend who constantly whined about a lack of reviews. I reviewed her stuff faithfully. She never reviewed mine. But she comes to me whining because she had no reviews? :|)

Let's go build some sand castles. :D
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[personal profile] karel 2010-09-25 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
This seriously freaking irritates me, especially with regards to kink memes. Okay, so someone went and filled your prompt - what's that? You don't like the writing so much? It's not the next Dickens? It's not written in that 'film noir' style that you were hoping for but didn't actually put into your prompt? Dude, be happy it's filled. Unless the poster did something like fill your request for fluff with rape (which means they didn't fill your prompt), idec what you're whining about... :\ (general 'you,' of course)

I mean gdit, my personal example of Karel fic. When someone writes some for me/fills one of my prompts (I swear, not ever one on the meme is mine!)? I am the happiest - even if it's not my specific characterization (in fact, I'm usually excited to see versions that aren't my own, because mine is mine and therefore predictable). I snuggle those fics to death. And their authors. Why on earth would I shoo them away?

No - I want to kindly ask them to come visit my sandbox while I build some castles just for them ;3;

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In terms of fandom, well I think I would fit into the guy that knocks down your sandcastle and then laughs about it. I've mocked my fair share of fan fictions, in fact I'm still mocking some just at a rather slower rate. Granted I don't do it to people I know, and I try not to do it to fan fictions that are at least well put together either.

What can I say though? When people make horrible spell or grammar mistakes coupled with a horrible story idea I have to pounce on it, much like a cat pounces on wiggly things. Because without people mocking fan fiction you'd be stuck with people writing such lovely scenes as this:

Misty: Ash, I need to ask you something.

Ash: What ?

Misty: Do you get erections ?

Ash: What !

Misty: Does you penis gets hard sometimes, when you think of girls and..

Wow, I just went totally off topic didn't I?

[personal profile] tux_aka_joseph 2010-09-25 11:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, yes it is. Also I agree with fiction in general comment, a lot of people that think they can write really can't.

[personal profile] tux_aka_joseph 2010-09-25 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Depends on how much of a masochist you are. I mean later we have this little gem:

Misty: Do you know how to cum ?

Ash: Cum ?

Misty: Ejaculate, you know that white stuff that comes out when your penis is that hard !

Ash: Oh that ! It comes out sometime in my sleep.

Misty: When did you start your nocturnal ejaculations ?

Ash: About 10 months ago.

Misty: When was the last time ?

Ash: Two weeks I think, why and how do you know so much about...

Misty: I surfed the Internet a lot before I started my Pokemon training.

Ash: Isn’t that illegal or...

Misty: Be quiet and lick me !

But yeah, probably not worth straining your eyes over.

[personal profile] tux_aka_joseph 2010-09-25 11:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know, I mean I've seen porn based on things like Lord of the Rings before, I doubt porn would be able to keep that much information straight. I mean they didn't even know what a Dryad was.