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I am Van's preschool experience.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not want to interact in online fandom. Maybe you have social anxiety, or your wrists can only take so much typing or you just flatout don't have enough time for it. Heck, maybe fandom is just something you don't particularly care to be active in and you just have more fun on the sidelines watching, that's fine too! There are no rules against lurkers in fandom!

However, if you are active enough in fandom to utter the phrase "There isn't enough X! This fandom sucks!", and then you have the gall to ignore someone that points out some X they found, then I can probably tell you exactly why there isn't enough 'X'.

No-one wants to plays in the same sandbox as the kid who always screeches for more trucks then picks the trucks that are there up, throws them at people and then continues screeching about their lack of trucks.

At the very least, I would rather play in the sandbox with the kid who builds castles and lets other people join in and build with her.

Fandom's a lot more fun when you're building castles instead of throwing trucks.

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