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undead vampiric blue spacegoat. in plate. ([personal profile] vangirl) wrote2010-10-24 03:29 pm
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I am Van's exasperation.

I'm getting rather tired of this "There's too much fandom on DW" talk that seems to be coming from...I don't even know what the specific 'source' is but I know it's coming from somewhere.

Yeah, okay. You don't like fandom, I get that. Liking fandom isn't a prerequisite for being on DW and it shouldn't be treated as one. All you need is an invite code. On Add Me memes, if fandom is something you really dislike then you should mention that you have no interest in it. Not a bad thing there, since you're being honest and preventing potential issues there. No problem with that.

But once you cross the line from "I don't like fandom and don't want it on my reading list so I won't be adding fandom types" to "I don't like fandom and don't like possibly running into it while I browse DW, so there should be less of it" then you're just acting like an entitled brat.

DW is a very fandom friendly site, so fandom types like it. Thus, fandom exists on DW. If you don't like community advertisements for fandom challenges, or seeing fanfic on Latest Things, or seeing someone squee over a show you hate, then just scroll past. You are not being oppressed by the existence of fandom. No-one is going out of their way to shove their Big Bang into the face of someone who couldn't care less. Despite the rumors, we do not have fandom ninjas that drop from the ceiling and paste Star Trek smut fanart onto your computer monitor before disappearing into the night.

If you don't have a mouse with a scrollwheel, then you can click on the bar to the right and pull it down. It essentially works the same, in that you can move past stuff you're not interested in.

Most doctors recommend scrolling past things that annoy you instead of trying to start epic wank over them. Much better for your blood pressure.

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