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The only issue with Big Bangs is that there's so many things I want to read!

...But they are all so long and I don't have the focus to read all of them in a timely manner.

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It's amnesty week over at [community profile] tales_100! That means you can write for any of the previous posted themes and post them for this week!

I've been on a bit of a creative roll trying to get the themes I've missed and having a lot of fun with that. :D I've been working my way through the God Generals and already hit on Largo, Asch, Arietta and Sync and have Dist and Legretta left. though I'm not very sure the 'Asch' one counts since it was Van POV...but there are seven themes so if the roll keeps rolling I can have all of them. \o/

Anyway, the community is rather small but still fairly active and I've (obviously) been having a lot of fun reading and writing the drabbles there and I'd like to see more people take part in it too! I got DW invites if you need, so why not come on over! :D

And completely unrelated and highly shameless of me, I wrote Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic and figured I'd share since it's...Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic. That's kind of something to be shared with the greater public, I think.
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1. Comment with any character you know I've written. (adding: or roleplayed!)
2. Receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.
3. Profit!

WoW characters are allowed if you know (ie. remember) them.
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Sign-ups for Round 2 are now open until August 13th! But do take a look at the Rules of course.

I also have a more serious post that needs to get made but I am...really not feeling up to it at the moment. ._. Or several. I got a lot to say but not the energy to say it.
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I am kinda getting sick and tired of some gen writers. I say some, cause I know that not all gen writers do this and that, probably? Not even most of them do this. But the ones who do are loud and they bug the hell out of me.

To the gen writers who do bother me, I have a question for you:

Where the HELL do you get off telling shippers (specifically those who prefer slash) that they're all just shallow and that their works aren't on the same level of quality as your own? And that they're just too sex-obsessed to see that a friendship is just a friendship and they're just brain-washed by society into trying to match everyone up? That they're somehow wrong for writing something they genuinely enjoy?

I can understand being frustrated if you spent a great deal of energy writing gen and then felt that it was being ignored because it didn't have the Popular Slash Pairing that LJ fandom seems to be all over at the moment. That frustration is understandable, and I've been guilty of thinking (and sometimes even saying) "Oh you just like pretty characters" when I work hard on something and it seems to get passed over. It's still pretty damn messed up to try and tell someone that they are somehow intellectually inferior based on their fanfiction preferences. In the case of gen writers telling shippers that they shouldn't be writing what they like though, there's some unexamined issues here.

Allow me to explain/rant at length. )
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I let my paid account run out so I can give a premium one a try. Mainly it's a purchase made with the interest of having A MILLION ICONS and supporting a site I like. But 250 icons might be 150 too many, I don't know.

Anyway, I have creative (possibly fandom?) sort of questions:

How do you define a 'muse'? What does a muse do for you? Do you think you need a muse to write?
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So. I am jet lagged, managed to only get around 4 or 5 hours of sleep (I need about twice that much) and I was just so fucking tired that I couldn't manage anything more productive than downloading the WoW patch and browsing the internet. I'm beginning to think that 'browsing the internet' is turning out to be a bad choice, lately.

There have been various fails in fandom and metafandom, from seemingly all over the place. But something I've been seeing pop up consistently is really genuinely bothering me.

The internet is a very large, very public place. When you put your words out there, they will be read. They may be linked to, copy-and-pasted elsewhere and talked about. By making your words public, you're implicitly inviting conversation -- both with those who agree with what you've said and have liked what you've written and with those who don't. When you post publicly, instead of within a locked group, you can't turn around and say "Why are you looking at this?" when someone you didn't expect (or maybe didn't even know) has words to say in return.

If you write about an entire group of people, stereotyping them and generalizing them, and you make what you've written public then don't be surprised when that very group you've written about has words to say in response. If they are offended, then you will have to accept that you caused that offense. Whether or not you meant it is irrelevant, offense was still caused and it's important that you learn where that offense came from.

You can not be offended (or hell forbid, consider yourself violated) when someone takes offense to what you've said. Especially when you've written something that genuinely is offensive.

When you post something like that publicly, where everyone in the world can see it, don't expect people to just "politely" look away from the fact that you're airing out your dirty laundry in your front yard where people driving down the street can see. Either take it to the backyard, or accept that the people driving down the road will be seeing your underwear -- don't complain if someone idly comments on your Loony Tunes lingerie when you're airing it out right in front of them.
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There is something I want to say about slash/yaoi fandom and the idea of 'power' that goes along with penetration:

And I shall keep it under here in case the word 'penetration' frightens you. )

THAT SAID: Anyone have any fic recs for someone controlling a situation through willing submission? Because...yeah. :9
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Have you found yourself feeling lost? Alone?

Are you currently stumbling across a silent town on a hill, dodging monsters and your guilt left and right? Or do you find yourself at odds with the major religion in your society that seems intent on following a suicidal prophecy? Or perhaps you simply relationship problems with your interdimensional girlfriend and the proper usage of tentacles in bed?

Whatever problems you face, you are no longer alone! I am here to help!

My name is Beth and I have a PhD in the field of Astral Plane Communications from the University of Blatant Lies and Mistruths! I have spent months years decades researching fictional phenomenon in the field! I am more than qualified to help you through a radical new process called Alternate Universe Relocation.

The world and woes you face are all part of your Canon. The process of Alternate Universe Relocation radically alters your Canon and thus alters your entire life. You could be stumbling across space as a space explorer, only dodging carnivorous plant life and Earth taxes! Or perhaps you can you may find yourself as a professor at a local community college, directly influencing the beliefs of the young men and women that actually pay attention to your lectures! Or your girlfriend could simply have a few less tentacles -- or more if that's the issue!

Currently we offer many AUs, with our most popular being High School, College, Dance Club, Medieval Europe, The Future, Business, The Local Starbucks, Your Mother's Bedroom and much much more!

Simply call 1-800-867-5309 and ask for my receptionist Jenny to begin on finding the right Alternate Universe for you!

Don't delay! Call now! Your new world and new problems life is only a phone call (or journal comment) away!
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I've been reading through some of the latest "Is Fanfiction legal/illegal/actually capable of killing someone's babies with poverty as fanfic writers become millionaires?" debate spun up by Diana Gabaldon and it's been making me think of the topic in general.

A lot of times, we bring up stuff like Wicked or Pride, Prejudice and Zombies as a defense as to fanfic having been professionally done and publishes so why isn't it okay when fan writers post their hot, steamy slash fic on the internet?

I think there's a difference in societal acceptance over what kind of fanfiction is written. I know my aunt has stumbled upon and read fanfic before but expressed, with distaste, how much of it was "just porn" and why couldn't it be better? I think that's the idea that mainstream has of fanfic. "Just porn."

My stance on this is pretty obvious if you know me: I approve of "just porn" and honestly? I could do a whole rant on why "just porn" can be good and can have value, but that would probably fall on deaf ears as the mainstream idea of porn is Girls Gone Wild 4392 which...really has little artistic value. I could try and toss out porn that I think is both hot and has artistic merit, but it would make for an awkward conversation with my aunt.

So I won't argue about the validity of porn and why it's important to have a mostly female and queer friendly place such as fandom to share it in, but I do think this is what a lot of people forget about when they mention "acceptable" fanfiction.

Much as we'd like them too, the mainstream will not be looking at our slashfic porn and thinking "This is the same sort of thing as Wicked, cool!" They will instead be thinking "What a bunch of perverts." And if you're a homophobic (or even just sexaphobic) writer who's very closely attached to your characters and you find slash fic of them on the internet? You're probably going to start making arguments of how violated all those perverts make you feel.


That or it's all about how I'll somehow be making millions of dollars off my slash fic and somehow be suing them into the ground. 'm not a law student but that very well could be it. :|b
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I love comment fic memes. They're the most low pressure writing challenge, and finding something that inspires you is guaranteed to make someone else happy! :D

And ah, I know there are some Star Ocean folks I know that might be interested in the tri-ace kink meme? RELEVANT TO INTERESTS, MAYHAPS?

There's also [community profile] world_of_kinkcraft but...I don't think I like the way it's being done, with a post for a SINGLE SPECIFIC CHARACTER instead of the free-for-all and well, none of the prompts are really pinging me for kink to be honest. I think if it was a gen thing, I would go for it and the way it's done with having a Featured Lore Character of the Day would do wonders to bring mostly forgotten characters to the limelight (which I approve of whole-heartedly!) but um. yes. The one prompt that pings me is one I can't seem to add anything 'kinky' too, unless having a heartfelt discussion is a kink?

Really, I would prefer a free-for-all that allowed for OCs (example: Tauren/Gnome, size difference kink!) since most of WoW for me is in creating OCs and um, I'd be more pinged for Race/Race than Character/Character to be honest. >>;

But yes, random signal boosting aside, there is a Transfic Mini Fest that I keep poking in and out of but it's been making me go hrm...Mainly, looking through the prompts really does exemplify that there are few trans characters out there so you're left with looking at characters that were intended to be cis and play "What if they weren't?"

Which is not a bad thing! Just...kind of a sad thing that a fest meant to celebrate trans in fandom has so few canonically trans characters to work with. :(

And for something a little more personal only vaguely related. )
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Writing femslash is hard, really. It does feel much easier to find slash or het pairings that ping me than it is to find femslash pairings that do. It also feels like, while there's a wealth of slash or het pairings to choose from, femslash pairings are very limited. I'm trying to think of why that is but, really, there are few canons where the number of significant female characters matches the number of significant male characters, and few of those female characters really have any interesting relationships themselves.

...And I kinda have rather specific pings, for certain relationship dynamics. When most f/f dynamics are "two friends that confide in each other about how they feel in regards to the dudes" then that...just doesn't ping me.

...And there's also the issue that for whatever reason, I have some standards in my head that I "don't have the skills to write femslash" which...really makes no rational sense? I don't even consciously know where this thought comes from! Which makes it doubly frustrating when I'm trying to tell my brain to stop being dumb and it doesn't listen. D:

Course I'm sure with some creative thought, I can work something out for me but ah, tis difficult. :(

...But in better news, [community profile] hardmode has 20 sign-ups! And I've checked my network page and have seen some posts expressing interest in the challenge and brainstorming what to write and I am all :DDDDD

...Seriously, I grew that many mouths because I couldn't smile enough with just one. \o/
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Am I the only person that gets incredibly embarrassed when she catches (what should have been) a glaring typo in a fic...months after it's been posted and read?


I'm hoping the answer is "No, you're not the only one" because I feel outrageously silly right now.

Also, I bought one of those general relaxation-themed CDs you see in like, furniture stores and such, that have a bunch of artists listed that no-one's heard of because they never made it past the furniture store CDs point in their career. They are actually quite surprisingly nice! :O

They actually work! :O

I am so relaxed right now I may fall asleep. Which is that thing I should be doing at 2am anyway but never do. I might actually fall asleep this time though. Miracles happen sometimes.
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Well, with the writing challenges I'm in seem to be shimmering down (still have two fics that need to get done but I'll manage...somehow) I think I can probably work on this a little more seriously:

[community profile] talesofladies and [ profile] talesofladies

I'm leaving it open for Free-for-All and I think I'll let it stay that way, though I'll still like to do some sort of challenge/exchange type of thing to encourage activity every now and then. Probably on the DreamWidth one as DW Tales fandom seems to be more into the challenges and such than LJ Tales fandom.

...I also snagged [community profile] hardmode with the idea of doing a game-style Big Bang. I don't think it'll be something I'll participate in the first round, if only because managing it will likely keep my hands full. I just need to figure out when would be a good idea to hold it and to find out if there's actually, ya know, interest in it. XD;

IN NON-FANDOM NEWS: I had the job interview today and it went well. Not sure I could go into a whole post about it but I feel pretty good about it. They just need to do a background check and I need to get a copy of my college transcript to turn in as well. So many things to do, so little time. :(
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-> I'll be able to see Windy's graduation this summer! And then we're celebrating by a trip with us and her family for two weeks! I am excited for it! \o/

-> The fact that insurance companies can no longer deny or withhold coverage to people with pre-existing conditions is something that is a HUGE relief to me, personally. The Healthcare Bill is still...imperfect but I'm glad that at least that shitty practice won't go on.

-> I got my fics from [community profile] newgameplus! They're both posted over yonder and contain spoilers for Abyss and Saya no Uta, but they both made my day!

-> Also in fandom news: I've become a tag-wrangler at ArchiveofOurOwn! ...I still have no idea how to do anything just yet but I got the e-mail with the links and I'm going to spend some time reading them and looking at the interface and see if I can get it. Worse case scenario, I ask questions

-> ...I gave myself fifteen minutes with NotePad and turned out some f/f porn. 8D It needs a lot of work (ie. a total rewrite) since for whatever reason, I get all BLUSHBLUSH over f/f while I'm a-oh-kay with het and m/m and that really showed. But I got something to work with at the least!

-> I got my haircut yesterday! I now look like a normal human being instead of a shaggy beast-creature! Just in time for the interview this week too! \o/

-> And WoW stuff; including screencaps! )

-> ...Supposedly, the sun will start shining again and the world will finally exit the Dark Times of Winter and be entering the Light of Spring. This is Good News.
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This may be of surprise to you, but I love antagonists that are charismatic leaders and believe themselves to be on a crusade to save the world. There are bonus points if their actions involve Genocide for the Greater Good, but the important part is that they believe their actions are necessary and that they're truly doing the right thing. Self-delusion may or may not be involved but they're not doing it (solely) for selfish reasons.

The current list I have for these types of characters is currently all male. I've tried, but I cannot think of a female character that fits that type. And it makes me make sadfaces. Like this: :(

So I come to you, oh circle of mine! Are there any female characters like that? I'm sure there has to be some, but I don't know where they're hiding or how to go about looking.

...You know, while we're talking about Very Specific Character Types, you can tell me about yours too. Is there a sort of character that once you realize fits your type, quickly becomes your favorite? What is that type? Is it something you find appealing or do you just like it?
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Nuu, meme.

Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You have are free to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal.

DW is still bugged with textboxes, I think? That or I suck at coding and can't make them work but I can post just the questions later if someone wants. ASSUME THEY ALL HAVE SPOILERS. Because they do.

Tales of the Abyss. )

Saya no Uta. )

World of Warcraft )
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I love Wyverns. I love plushies. I love in game pets.


...Also, last post, I think people saw the example of "Pairing X is SUPERIOR TO Pairing Y in EVERY WAY" and, assumed that was what the post was about. I don't think everyone should like the same thing or that anyone should even fake liking something they don't, I just don't like it when people bash what I like to try and get me to like something else.

So, respectful disagreement is a-oh-kay! I'm fine with that! Outright bashing and trying to make people feel stupid over what they do like? Not so much.


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