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I had a dream this morning, where someone was telling me about responsibility and how your actions influence others and you're responsible for that influence...and at least partially responsible for the actions that follow due to that influence.

Then there were jackalopes.

I have a big to-do list and no idea where to start. So I'm going a little bit of each one.

So! A question to those of you who have organized big fic-exchanges and such. Have you used spreadsheets to help organize things? And how have you used them, if you don't mind my asking?

I'm not very good at organizing information and this is making the administrative aspect of [community profile] hardmode way harder than it needs to be, so any sort of strategies or tips you may have for that would definitely be appreciated.
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TMI, too much information, more than you need to know, something that is most likely related to a gross yet normal bodily function. But you'll likely be clicking this anyway. )

...And now kinda sorta related to that (in the sense I get interesting dreams once a month): I had a dream that Van was Lady Gaga. Complete with boobs and ridiculous outfits. Following along some nonsensical plot that consisted of "Van's a pop star with boobs, the end."

It ended with Van being mortified once he actually had fans. Which I guess was my brain's half-assed attempt at making it 'IC' or whatever.

This is all [ profile] gargantsurprise's fault and SHE KNOWS WHY. >:[> I will never let her live that down.


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