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I made the foolish decision to check my LJ flist and found an outstanding number of "Shut up about racism and privilege and Avatar" posts with a lot of defenses trying to explain how it's stupid to talk about the whitewashing because "That's not the effective way to fight racism"...And one post from someone who knew people in KKK and how the words they say when the sheets come off are frighteningly similar to the stuff fandom is saying now in defense of this movie.

I don't mind the people who commented on my post and disagreed. They still respected me enough to come and disagree with me and explain their view, even if that view is something I believe is privileged. What bothers me is the people who didn't even try to engage me, or anyone else, on this, but instead decided to use their privilege to say that being able to check their flist without having to deal with this issue is more important to them than the issue itself. What bothers me is that they've shown blatant disregard for the people who genuinely do care about this, who are genuinely affected by this, and told them to "shut up" about it because they didn't want to see it and they didn't want to bother to use their scroll button.

So I've decided that it's not worth updating or checking my LJ anymore. Most people I want to keep in touch with are either on DW or Plurk, and I have AIM and e-mail to contact the rest. I'll keep my LJ for communities like WoW_Ladies, OTND_P and the Abyss communities but that'll be about it. I've grown sick of the "I'm such an edgy, cool troll and I don't care about your feelings and you should be grateful for my honesty" attitude that's grown prevalent on LJ over the years and now it's reached my flist so. I'm not bothering to care about people who make it explicitly clear that that care only goes one way.

I stand by what I said. This is not running away. This is seeing that the situation is futile and a waste of time. I do not have the energy to explain the same concepts repeatedly to people who don't want to listen, and would rather shout at me to be quiet than to consider my viewpoint. These concepts and issues are important enough to me that I would rather drastically cut down my social circle than compromise my morals and say "You're right, you have the right not to care about the harm you cause and the right to refuse to reevaluate your line of thinking."

Whoever you are anon, I'm sorry if this makes you feel like I'm leaving you high and dry. If you're worried about discussing race from the backlash from your friends, I have invites. The people here will be glad to hear whatever you have to say. I really do honestly feel that DreamWidth is a safe place, a real safe place.

The people here have helped me to come back to writing fic, without fearing I'd be mocked based on the content. The people here have helped me to educate myself on important issues, and I feel safe in expressing my own views while knowing that even if I do slip up and fail, they'll tell me without trying to belittle me.

The climate here on DW is rather sunny, with some cool breezes. We get our fair share of thunderstorms, but it's not as humid and oppressive as LJ tends to be year-round.

...You can tell I love this place. Because I do. It is my home. ♥


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