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Since the influx is going on, it might be helpful to remind people that I have an eternally growing list of Gaming Fandom Communities of Dreamwidth.

If there's a community you want to see on the list, just add it in a comment and I'll put it in there. Game-fandom specific RPs are also allowed, just not panfandom ones.
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Yuri Challenge @ Dreamwidth! Celebrating f/f pairings in East Asian fandoms!

Spent a good chunk of my day making graphics for it so I am now obligated to ADVERTISE EVERYWHERE.

Clearly, you are now required to go over and nominate fandoms.
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[personal profile] synecdochic is hosting The Oh My God We Need Some Porn In Here Stat Porn Meme! \o/

...and it could more anime/manga/game fandoms (and ponies of course). So go check it out, see what you can write and leave some prompts. :3
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Okay, posting this an hour before Halloween probably means everything is going to be late but I figure if I have asked for treats then I should pay it forward and offer as well!

Fic or Treat!
stolen from everyone ever on my reading list

• Fic or Treat! Leave a comment with a fandom, pairing, character and/or prompt.
• Multiple requests are okay (but they will be treated as options rather than a shopping list).
• You will get something, either a fic or a treat!

• Fics: Drabble-length (maaaaybe a bit longer, but don't expect an epic).
• Treats: Icons most likely and/or links to my favorite pony remixes if I am completely stumped.

Fandoms!: Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are all fair game. Naruto is also encouraged accepted, though I'm not yet caught up so no spoilers past chapter 422 of the manga, if you please. Anything else I've written in the past is also fair game. :3
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[community profile] bloodyvalentine's call for Halloween prompts will be closing on September 17th. If you're curious, we have a list of current fandoms represented to give you an idea of what sort of fandom spread we have.

...I am really adoring the mix between anime/manga fandoms and western ones myself. ^^

In other fandom news, [community profile] sidequest is open! The community is home to kink-meme style prompt post but allows for prompts of all kind, gen included. I've taken over the Tales of the Abyss post but there are other ones I'll be watching such as the Digital Devil Saga and Warcraft ones.

If you see a game you want represented, you can submit to watch over a post for it as well. :3

Come and play with us! \o/
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This started as me being silly with the creative use of custom emotes on Plurk and then it got a bit out of hand.


1. Pick a character/pairing and a line to go with them and comment with your choices.
2. Either myself or some other brave soul will snag your prompt and do something creative with it.
3. ???

The macro image of hentai lines that has been making the internet rounds...Not worksafe for most of the professional world. Contains mentions of rape/noncon and also have some *ist statements. )
Have fun, y'all!

edit: and before people struggle too hard, you don't need to have the exact quote. just something 'close enough' will do.
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Discussion on what makes a guro kink is up at [community profile] bloodyvalentine.

I've been wanting to do something with the challenge again, since it had a lot of potential. Hopefully this time I can do a bit better on the advertising and getting people involved front. /o\

If you're interested in a kink that falls under the category of 'erotic grotesque' then hop on in and share your thoughts. I'm hoping to get a prompt collection post open this weekend. :3 the meantime, I got [community profile] hardmode stuff to catch up on. And the 'forever unemployed' issue to deal with.
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This is mainly a post to let people that I am not dead yet. The assassins have failed. :)

Blather. )

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If you’re playing a video game full of space dragons, giant monsters, attractive aliens and space travel but what you call out to be unrealistic is that some of the characters in the game either are canonly or interpreted to be anything but heterosexual, that’s a homophobic and heteronormative mindset. If you legitimately believe heterophobia is a problem, that’s a heternormative mindset. Let me break something down for you and blow your mind—most canons (this isn’t exclusive to games) are heteronormative. If you’re upset because the only storyline for a canon gay character isn’t struggling with oppression/internalizing homophobia or that it isn’t present at all when there are space dragons and consider that to be the most unrealistic part of the game, that’s a homophobic and heteronormative mindset. If we’re talking fic set in the ’50s, or something set in modern day law enforcement which is notoriously homophobic for example, then yeah, maybe that should be a part of the story. But when we’re talking alternate fantasy universes with space dragons and as a straight person you feel the need to inform everyone how the gay/bi characters aren’t realistic because they aren’t nearly being executed for being homosexual, that’s heteronormative and homophobic behavior!

Preferring to write/read fiction that is not heteronormative is not heterophobic. It’s actually impossible for “heterophobia” to be a serious problem—people aren’t murdered and/or bullied to the point they harm themselves or commit suicide just for being heterosexual. Heterosexual people don’t have their worth dismissed or aren’t believed to be irrational or inherently bad just for being heterosexual. If you consider yourself to be open-minded and/or not homophobic but your favorite character can’t be gay because gay is not as good as straight is, that’s homophobic. Preferring to read/write heterosexual, heterormative romance because you are heterosexual/bisexual isn’t homophobic (as long as you aren’t repulsed by mere mentions of The Gays, or ignoring canon bisexuality because Bi Is Bad). But when you start acting like you have some kind of power over what other people read and write, or that they should put a warning on it because it’s offensive material to you since your favorite character cannot possibly be gay because they’re your favorite, that is heternormative and homophobic behavior. Check yourself.

I think I already said I am sick to death with fandom's tendency to assume straight until proven otherwise, as though homo/bi/a/pansexuality was something that has to be 'proven' to justify writing fanfic involving it and heterosexuality is a given (and yet it's still okay to write all sorts of canon-breaking AUs 'just because I felt like it'?) but. I AM SICK TO DEATH WITH IT.

I am sick to death of people who feel that their right to decide what is or isn't 'canon-abiding' (aka "the RIGHT way to write a character") supersedes my right to actually have stories that I enjoy. I am sick of people that feel the need to explain how they feel so ~alienated~ from fandom because so much of it is slash-focused, when the canon itself (and the rest of mainstream media) is goes with the same heteronormative 'straight until proven otherwise' idea they have.

And I am sick of people who believe that because a tiny internet niche doesn't cater to them and them alone then that is somehow proof that they're the targets of actual hatred. If you confuse 'not being pampered and treated as some upstanding standard of normality' with 'hatred' then well, privilege has spoiled you.

You can still believe that writing fandom characters as anything other than straight without 'proof' is wrong wrong wrong, even when there isn't even any 'canon proof' of them being straight at all. I have no control over how you think. I still have the right to think your brain is loaded with heteronormativity and that it makes you smell bad.

No seriously, have you gotten a whiff of your brain lately? Goddamn your thought process reeks.
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I made a post over at [community profile] hardmode. The challenge will be opening up for Round Two next week and I am really hoping to see more people there! \o/

[community profile] yuri_challenge will be ending next week as well, so do take a look there as well. :3

Fandom is fun~ \o/

...And if Abyss is your fandom, you can preorder the licensed anime now! The limited edition also comes with Volume 1 of the Asch spin-off manga so I think there are some of you who would be interested in that. (And did I mention that both the Asch and Jade spin-off manga have been licensed? SEVERAL YEARS LATER, THIS GAME IS POPULAR. HUH.)
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I think it's been a loooong while since I last had one of these posts so:

What do you find appealing about your Kink of Choice?

Anon is on, but if you abuse it you lose it.
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...I keep wanting to say something about [community profile] yuri_challenge and the turn-out and um. all I can do is ♥.

I cannot wait until people start posting. ;;

...I will probably be all over Madoka Magica this round, if I can get over my fear of being jossed by a series that will DEFINITELY joss me. >->
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[community profile] bloodyvalentine has come and gone. It ended up being a tiny thing but I'm hoping for GRAND PLANS come next year. :3

Right now though...

[community profile] yuri_challenge is open!

Go check out the rules and then leave some prompts! :D
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-> [community profile] bloodyvalentine is...not set up yet. I still need to make a more indepth post on how it'll work and what sort of rules will happen for posting but right now I am tired. |D; My idea is just basically "Sign up with fandom and kink, write for a month, post, ???, INTERNET FAME" so it'll be very low pressure and there would be no penalties if you can't make the deadline. Also, not having it as an exchange means that people can write to their comfort levels and not be forced to write something that makes them uncomfortable.

I also decided to include the other kinks that fall under guro that a lot of people forget like scat/vomit/watersports/etc. Not that there really has been any sort of call for them but I figure if I'm going to run a challenge with the idea that 'your kink is okay', I probably shouldn't be saying "this kink is okay but take that kink elsewhere." Having it just be sexualized violence may be more consistent (and...would actually fit the community name) but I think I rather have a place for people with "disgusting/gross/wrong" kinks to write and draw what they want than just a kinky gorefest. If it's not your kink, just move on. Not that hard. :|

...Though honestly, my biggest concern is that some things I allowed might be "too mainstream", like watersports. THIS SAYS SO MUCH ABOUT ME...

-> [community profile] hardmode will (hopefully) have a post up tomorrow about interest in Round Two and an open call for new ideas. I definitely feel like I was very messy and disorganized with how I ran Round One and I also really gave the artists the short end of the stick so I want to try and improve that. I might do what that uh, one poly bigbang did where sign-ups ended on the due date. That way I could have a list of all completed BBs and artists can pick and choose instead of me trying to assign stuff to them and then have the writer drop out last minute. Less stress for the writer, more choice for the artist and an easier time for me.

Though I keep wanting to try and figure out how a reverse BB would go. It would be nice to have something go in the other direction with writers writing for art but I'm not sure how that would go...BUT IT'S AN IDEA.

-> [personal profile] cypher came up for the name of both of those challenges. I feel this is worth noting.
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This year, I think I'd like to try and run a guro challenge of some kind. Preferably something pretty low pressure (can't scare people off too much) though I'm not quite sure what sort of challenge it would be just yet.

Anyway, I'd like to know if there would be any interest in it. Show of hands, please?

...Your own hands, please. Give that one back to the original owner. :|
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I'm getting rather tired of this "There's too much fandom on DW" talk that seems to be coming from...I don't even know what the specific 'source' is but I know it's coming from somewhere.

Yeah, okay. You don't like fandom, I get that. Liking fandom isn't a prerequisite for being on DW and it shouldn't be treated as one. All you need is an invite code. On Add Me memes, if fandom is something you really dislike then you should mention that you have no interest in it. Not a bad thing there, since you're being honest and preventing potential issues there. No problem with that.

But once you cross the line from "I don't like fandom and don't want it on my reading list so I won't be adding fandom types" to "I don't like fandom and don't like possibly running into it while I browse DW, so there should be less of it" then you're just acting like an entitled brat.

DW is a very fandom friendly site, so fandom types like it. Thus, fandom exists on DW. If you don't like community advertisements for fandom challenges, or seeing fanfic on Latest Things, or seeing someone squee over a show you hate, then just scroll past. You are not being oppressed by the existence of fandom. No-one is going out of their way to shove their Big Bang into the face of someone who couldn't care less. Despite the rumors, we do not have fandom ninjas that drop from the ceiling and paste Star Trek smut fanart onto your computer monitor before disappearing into the night.

If you don't have a mouse with a scrollwheel, then you can click on the bar to the right and pull it down. It essentially works the same, in that you can move past stuff you're not interested in.

Most doctors recommend scrolling past things that annoy you instead of trying to start epic wank over them. Much better for your blood pressure.
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[community profile] easymode



Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:43 pm
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...If I made a general gaming fandom drabble community, would anyone be interested?

I know there's drabble communities for different titles (Final Fantasy, Tales of, etc. etc.) but there really isn't a place for all games, I don't think, and there isn't much place for people with smaller gaming fandoms either that I'm aware of.

...And I may be thinking this cause I already have a name picked out. >->
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There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not want to interact in online fandom. Maybe you have social anxiety, or your wrists can only take so much typing or you just flatout don't have enough time for it. Heck, maybe fandom is just something you don't particularly care to be active in and you just have more fun on the sidelines watching, that's fine too! There are no rules against lurkers in fandom!

However, if you are active enough in fandom to utter the phrase "There isn't enough X! This fandom sucks!", and then you have the gall to ignore someone that points out some X they found, then I can probably tell you exactly why there isn't enough 'X'.

No-one wants to plays in the same sandbox as the kid who always screeches for more trucks then picks the trucks that are there up, throws them at people and then continues screeching about their lack of trucks.

At the very least, I would rather play in the sandbox with the kid who builds castles and lets other people join in and build with her.

Fandom's a lot more fun when you're building castles instead of throwing trucks.
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There are new people coming to DW and a lot of WHERE IS MY FANDOM?! talk. [personal profile] dingsi already did a post vaguely related to the "WHERE IS MY FANDOM?!" cries so, I figured a list of gaming communities may help.

Behold! A list! )

This is most likely incomplete so if you have any communities/links that should be up there, let me know!


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