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[community profile] bloodyvalentine has come and gone. It ended up being a tiny thing but I'm hoping for GRAND PLANS come next year. :3

Right now though...

[community profile] yuri_challenge is open!

Go check out the rules and then leave some prompts! :D
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Writing femslash is hard, really. It does feel much easier to find slash or het pairings that ping me than it is to find femslash pairings that do. It also feels like, while there's a wealth of slash or het pairings to choose from, femslash pairings are very limited. I'm trying to think of why that is but, really, there are few canons where the number of significant female characters matches the number of significant male characters, and few of those female characters really have any interesting relationships themselves.

...And I kinda have rather specific pings, for certain relationship dynamics. When most f/f dynamics are "two friends that confide in each other about how they feel in regards to the dudes" then that...just doesn't ping me.

...And there's also the issue that for whatever reason, I have some standards in my head that I "don't have the skills to write femslash" which...really makes no rational sense? I don't even consciously know where this thought comes from! Which makes it doubly frustrating when I'm trying to tell my brain to stop being dumb and it doesn't listen. D:

Course I'm sure with some creative thought, I can work something out for me but ah, tis difficult. :(

...But in better news, [community profile] hardmode has 20 sign-ups! And I've checked my network page and have seen some posts expressing interest in the challenge and brainstorming what to write and I am all :DDDDD

...Seriously, I grew that many mouths because I couldn't smile enough with just one. \o/


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