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Hardmode still has need for media creators. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please take a look.

I'll probably be extending the media deadline for anyone that claims a fic after this point by a week and uh, a week more for anyone that claims a fic next week. ^^;
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An FST for 'All Too Well' by electric_butterfly )
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I had a dream this morning, where someone was telling me about responsibility and how your actions influence others and you're responsible for that influence...and at least partially responsible for the actions that follow due to that influence.

Then there were jackalopes.

I have a big to-do list and no idea where to start. So I'm going a little bit of each one.

So! A question to those of you who have organized big fic-exchanges and such. Have you used spreadsheets to help organize things? And how have you used them, if you don't mind my asking?

I'm not very good at organizing information and this is making the administrative aspect of [community profile] hardmode way harder than it needs to be, so any sort of strategies or tips you may have for that would definitely be appreciated.
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Writing femslash is hard, really. It does feel much easier to find slash or het pairings that ping me than it is to find femslash pairings that do. It also feels like, while there's a wealth of slash or het pairings to choose from, femslash pairings are very limited. I'm trying to think of why that is but, really, there are few canons where the number of significant female characters matches the number of significant male characters, and few of those female characters really have any interesting relationships themselves.

...And I kinda have rather specific pings, for certain relationship dynamics. When most f/f dynamics are "two friends that confide in each other about how they feel in regards to the dudes" then that...just doesn't ping me.

...And there's also the issue that for whatever reason, I have some standards in my head that I "don't have the skills to write femslash" which...really makes no rational sense? I don't even consciously know where this thought comes from! Which makes it doubly frustrating when I'm trying to tell my brain to stop being dumb and it doesn't listen. D:

Course I'm sure with some creative thought, I can work something out for me but ah, tis difficult. :(

...But in better news, [community profile] hardmode has 20 sign-ups! And I've checked my network page and have seen some posts expressing interest in the challenge and brainstorming what to write and I am all :DDDDD

...Seriously, I grew that many mouths because I couldn't smile enough with just one. \o/
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...Or it technically will start on May 1st, when writers will start writing not that I'll be able to stop them from starting sooner or anything. HOWEVER: writers can sign up now!

So go! Do that!

Right now!

or be a noob
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Looks like you picked up a copy of [community profile] hardmode! You've chosen your game and have decided that the other game-based challenges were just a bit too easy for you. 1000 word minimums?

PAH! LAUGHABLE! You're here for a real challenge! You're going to start this game on the hardest difficulty, no easy mode for you!

...Well, maybe you'll like to make sure it's not too difficult. Lets fine tune things, shall we?

Difficulty selection menu -- time frame, posting dates and other questions behind the cut! DO YOUR WORST! )

If you have any other questions or thoughts about the game, leave a comment and we'll see if there's an available godmode command to adjust the game! Cheater!


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