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I've been bothered by a lot of the more recent developments in Homestuck. I know some of you have already heard me talk about it on plurk but...I'm still really bothered by it!

Uh, spoilers I guess. )
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By Any Other Name: An Evening of Shakespeare in Klingon looks like it will be awesome squared by awesome. With awesome sprinkled on top. My Dad has a Klingon dictionary somewhere around so I best brush up on my vocabulary.

Windy recently introduced me to Homestuck and it is...quite amazing despite what the first Act would lead you to believe. Just a small list of kinky-awesome: One character has furry fantasies canonically, another two characters engage in furry RP canonically, one character canonically enjoys being dominated and there is an entire bug-humanoid race with complicated reproduction with equally complicated societal understanding of romance YES THAT IS A KINK and there is some good room for poly-opportunities too and the uh, setting allows for plenty of voyeurism. And there's puppet snuff too, if that is your thing.

Needless to say, the fandom has produced some seriously awesome porn.

The canon also allows for seriously awesome icons. Like the one that I'm using right now. Only caveat about the canon is that Dave exists and is allowed to think he's cool, but I think that's a complicated meta joke so I'll let that slide.

I ALSO HAVE ACQUIRED FURNITURE. I now have a bookshelf of my very own AND a dresser! A dresser that my Mom painted some vaguely-inspired-by-Vulcans symbol on. It makes me wish I had an actual camera so I can show you because it is that awesome, I gave her many hugs for her random 'bout of creativity.


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