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HELPER needed for home repair business. 40-50 hrs/wk. No experience needed. Lazy people need not apply. (***) ***-****


They never hire us lazy people. ;_;
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In the classifieds today:

WHITE MAN 61 seeking woman 20-30 for marriage. Call (***) ***-****

...I'm not sure that was meant to be in the General Employment section.
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It is very good to know that I worried about nothing.

It is also very good to get a call back about a job interview and be asked to begin training next week. There is still ~issues with paperwork~ (ie, COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT, WHERE ARE YOU?) but hopefully I'll be able to get that sorted out and start at a REAL JOB.


I think I deserve a treat today. What shall I treat myself with, I wonder~?

How about [community profile] newgameplus fics? A master list of all submissions has been posted and I'm still clicking things at random. I~ don't have a great number of JRPG fandoms that I'm familiar with so that limited what I could read and understand, but I still have some recs!

Right here, under this cut! /o/ Note that they ALL contain spoilers for their respective fandoms so I won't add that warning with the links. )

...that said, I have a late, late, late [community profile] areyougame fic to hopefully finish before tomorrow. I better hop to it, I think.
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Well, with the writing challenges I'm in seem to be shimmering down (still have two fics that need to get done but I'll manage...somehow) I think I can probably work on this a little more seriously:

[community profile] talesofladies and [ profile] talesofladies

I'm leaving it open for Free-for-All and I think I'll let it stay that way, though I'll still like to do some sort of challenge/exchange type of thing to encourage activity every now and then. Probably on the DreamWidth one as DW Tales fandom seems to be more into the challenges and such than LJ Tales fandom.

...I also snagged [community profile] hardmode with the idea of doing a game-style Big Bang. I don't think it'll be something I'll participate in the first round, if only because managing it will likely keep my hands full. I just need to figure out when would be a good idea to hold it and to find out if there's actually, ya know, interest in it. XD;

IN NON-FANDOM NEWS: I had the job interview today and it went well. Not sure I could go into a whole post about it but I feel pretty good about it. They just need to do a background check and I need to get a copy of my college transcript to turn in as well. So many things to do, so little time. :(
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So I went to the interview today, worried that I'd make a bad impression because I misjudged how much time it'll take to get there and showed up 10 minutes late.

Turns out the interview is next Thursday.


Showing up early to an interview is impressive, right?
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I spent over an hour on part of a job application -- the personality assessment questions.

Basically, in order to make a sandwich, the company needs to know how optimistic I am and how liable I am to punch someone in the face. Enough so that they have found various ways to ask "Are you an optimistic person?" and "Do you feel it acceptable to punch people in the face?" And then followed by scenarios asking, "This employee has a mean boss, DOES THAT MAKE IT OKAY TO STEAL?"

These part of the application is always hardest because you have to answer 'right' but I know people who have been turned down because their responses were so right that they were clearly lying. So you have to say you're good and hard-working and frown upon the punching of faces, but you can't be too good and hard-working and have to sometimes approve of the punching of faces.

Why is this so hard? /o\

I was going to try and have a JOB APPLICATION MARATHON but I think I shall take a break something else for a bit. Maybe after dinner I'll apply to GameStop.
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I wonder if I should list "can clean up pieces of small critters without feeling squeamish" as a skill on these job applications.

I mean...This is fast food here. I'm sure that will be something they're looking for in potential employees.

Semi-related, the gas station that had one of their tanks blow up might be hiring to replace the guys who uh, are currently too busy recovering at the hospital to actually come in and work. I smell a unique career opportunity here.


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