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I can't stop watching. ;_________;
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Jesus christ. I come home and my cat isn't there. I know she disappeared for a bit before I left, but she apparently had not come home since. And Mom waited until I was home to tell me this, as she didn't want to ruin my time with Windy with bad news. She had been written off as "gone" -- and when the backyard of your house is woods, "gone" usually means "dead and in something's stomach."

So of course I cry about this, and don't sleep. And I spend two hours feeling bad and awful and regretting that our last memory together was of me freaking out on her peeing on my carpet and then crying about how bad and awful of a person I am. Then I have auditory hallucinations of her meowing for me, from under my floor, because I am so grief stricken I'm hearing things.

Course, eventually these auditory hallucinations get progressively louder until I go "fuck it, I'll check outside, then go inside and cry when she doesn't pop up." So I go outside and check around the house, find nothing. Then I realize we have a little door thing that apparently goes under the house, so I go "I might as well check there, since I heard her through the floor and-- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST CAT, HOW DID YOU GET UNDER THERE?"

Mouse was apparently living under the fucking house for two weeks. I have no idea how she managed to get there since it's not like she has the thumbs required to open the door, and...I saw no other way in there but, SHE FOUND A WAY.

And she seems okay, from my quick 3am highly professional check. Definitely thinner and in desperate need of a bath, but no obvious injuries.


I am pretty sure this is at least the second time she's convinced me that I lost her forever. Thus I am labeling her a brat.

A big, giant, likely now underweight brat of a cat.
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...I think now is a great time to post stuff that has made me happy.

MrVoletron's remix of Invincible is, in a word, beautiful. )

Meanwhile, Milo & Lyra are two of the cutest kittens in the world. AREN'T THEY JUST ADORABLE? ♥

...And I can't link to it yet, but I managed to finish something real quick for [community profile] no_true_pair. It's only 500 words but I've been doing that thing where I write a beginning, decide it's crap and SCRAP THE WHOLE THING so finishing something (even something small!) was a definite boost to my mood. >>

Feel free to link to anything that made your day today, or even yesterday! Or the day before that or the day before that...
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Mouse: Mroooow.
Me: Meow?
Mouse: ...Meow.
Me: Mrow mrow meow?
Mouse: *glares*
Me: ...meow?
Mouse: *walks off*

I think I offended my cat. :(


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