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Teppu is a manga about female martial artists (Mixed Martial Arts specifically), ones who exist as characters who are genuinely interested in the sport and just happen to be female. There's still some acknowledgment of the fact that women in sports are going to have a harder time than men, yet that doesn't seem to deter any of the characters. There are characters aren't conventionally 'pretty' but they're not considered 'ugly' either (in fact, one of the prime examples is the female instructor, who has a rather masculine face...which is something Natsuo likes about her.) They also all have realistic, strong bodies that you would expect from a woman in a sport like MMA.

There's also the bit where the protagonist, Natsuo, is the sort of character where you could write 'antagonist' instead and it wouldn't seem like a bad descriptor, but that's more my sort of personal button more so than anything else. What I think other people might like about her, is that she is a common male character type in shounen manga. Her gender really doesn't mean anything, she doesn't feel the need to prove herself to be as tough as a guy or to show herself as 'better than a typical girl' -- she just wants to be stronger for her own sake and that's it.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned that the mangaka is a guy? And that a guy is able to write about female characters, doing traditionally masculine things and having traditionally masculine traits, and still show them as realistic characters? That part's pretty awesome too.

The one downside is that it's still incomplete so you're going to be left waiting for more after chapter 7. At least the chapters are a decent length and there's enough out now to figure out whether or not it's your cup of tea.

...I have a long to-do list today and I haven't started on any of it and it's 3:00pm already. I better get cracking. D|
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Note to self: )

Just read all of Uzumaki. It, kinda sucks you in.

Like a spiral.

...It was quite a strange read.


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