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I hereby declare this post to be one dedicated to "music to write to." And I shall start. /o/

I found that Lustmord is an excellent choice for me. He generally works with 'found sound' and puts them together to make something very atmospheric, which is just right if you're going for horror or just general darky-dark-darkness that happens to be in the dark, without a nightlight. (Examples: Black Star and Prime. Though the entire Metavoid and Zoetrope albums, as those also follow a sort of narrative through sound alone. WHY YES, I LOVE LUSTMORD, WHY DO YOU ASK?)

For something a little brighter, I pull up God is an Astronaut is post-rock and is generally more energetic. Not as overly atmospheric but it certainly emotive, which works well with stories that are more about a character's emotions than anything else. (Examples: Suicide by Star and Fireflies and Empty Skies. I will actually recommend this band just for listening to, I feel they're generally good.)

Jesu is what I pull up when I'm not sure of what I'm writing just yet. They're an experiment rock group so their music varies a bit, from harsh sounds that weighs you down and you have to fight through, to something soft that leaves you feeling the sort of hope you feel after passing through a difficult trial. I typically select the artist and put the whole thing on shuffle until I figure out which mood I need for the story. (Examples: Friends are Evil and Silver.)

Generally, when I need to write I go with music that doesn't have lyrics. If there are lyrics, I prefer the voices are just another instrument and aren't the focus at all, since that just distracts me when I get caught up with the words in a song and lose my own words. Basically, mood and atmosphere is greater than all else!

Now, your turn! :D

...also, it's valentines day. do not be alarmed if I make a smooshy post later.
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...Are all Lady Gaga's music videos essentially softcore porn? Or, aren't most music videos essentially softcore porn? I feel like I keep making this comparison whenever I watch these things.

In other news: Dogs are awesome!

And [community profile] newgameplus's sign-ups close in about three days. Fandoms in need are:
Beyond Good and Evil
Parasite Eve II
Resident Evil
Seiken Densetsu 3
Wild Arms 5

...I feel like I know people who are into Halo and Wild Arms but you know, NO PRESSURE FROM ME OR ANYTHING. 8D


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