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Have you found yourself feeling lost? Alone?

Are you currently stumbling across a silent town on a hill, dodging monsters and your guilt left and right? Or do you find yourself at odds with the major religion in your society that seems intent on following a suicidal prophecy? Or perhaps you simply relationship problems with your interdimensional girlfriend and the proper usage of tentacles in bed?

Whatever problems you face, you are no longer alone! I am here to help!

My name is Beth and I have a PhD in the field of Astral Plane Communications from the University of Blatant Lies and Mistruths! I have spent months years decades researching fictional phenomenon in the field! I am more than qualified to help you through a radical new process called Alternate Universe Relocation.

The world and woes you face are all part of your Canon. The process of Alternate Universe Relocation radically alters your Canon and thus alters your entire life. You could be stumbling across space as a space explorer, only dodging carnivorous plant life and Earth taxes! Or perhaps you can you may find yourself as a professor at a local community college, directly influencing the beliefs of the young men and women that actually pay attention to your lectures! Or your girlfriend could simply have a few less tentacles -- or more if that's the issue!

Currently we offer many AUs, with our most popular being High School, College, Dance Club, Medieval Europe, The Future, Business, The Local Starbucks, Your Mother's Bedroom and much much more!

Simply call 1-800-867-5309 and ask for my receptionist Jenny to begin on finding the right Alternate Universe for you!

Don't delay! Call now! Your new world and new problems life is only a phone call (or journal comment) away!
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There is something missing from my journal. There needs to be something more to offer, so that this journal can be more than just a journal, but an interactive journal.

I mean, this is the internet! We have the technology!

So now it's time for create your own captions! )

Just write a caption for the image under the cut and then bask in the glory of having interacted with a post on the internets. I might make a poll for ZE FUNNIEST to add that competitive edge that'll guarantee participation.

This plan is flawless.


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