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[community profile] kinked is now open for writer sign-ups! If you think you can pull off 10k words worth of kinky fic, take a look! The kink doesn't have to be related to sex explicitly, though it has to be something that you find hot/erotic as an author. So you don't need to worry about 10k words of pure porn, or even any words of porn if that's not what your kink is.

And now I shall brainstorm on what sort of thing I shall do for this sort of challenge. )

Which reminds me, if I want [community profile] hardmode to run over the summer I should get working on having sign-ups next week. Though I'm looking at the three months that people wanted and looking at [community profile] kinked and wondering if I should make a few liberties for the posting period. Like, allowing for posting early if people finish and beta fic early, so they can personally set their own schedule in a way that their [community profile] hardmode fic doesn't interfere too much with [community profile] kinked.

...Which works under the assumption that the people signing up for a Gaming Big Bang would be the same people signing up for a Kinky Big Bang. But I know this is the case because I am psychic.

Now completely unrelated to the rest of the post, the family and I went to see the Alice in Wonderland film.

Some thoughts with vague spoilers. )
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SO. A few of you may remember when I was a huge fucking Star Wars fan on LJ. About every three years I fall completely and utterly in love with it all over it again and wallow in my nerdiness. Since this has been going on since I was...7, I have a hard time imagining it NOT popping up now and then, even if I've toned it down some. I love Abyss dearly but Star Wars and I? We've got history.

First I shall ramble about Star Wars and sweatshirts. )

And this will lead into a ramble on villains and Tales. )

...Also, can sometime tell me why I've been going on these ramble-binges lately? I start a post with the idea of "LOOK AT THIS COOL SWEATSHIRT I FOUND" and then it uh...utterly derailed.


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