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I'm getting rather tired of this "There's too much fandom on DW" talk that seems to be coming from...I don't even know what the specific 'source' is but I know it's coming from somewhere.

Yeah, okay. You don't like fandom, I get that. Liking fandom isn't a prerequisite for being on DW and it shouldn't be treated as one. All you need is an invite code. On Add Me memes, if fandom is something you really dislike then you should mention that you have no interest in it. Not a bad thing there, since you're being honest and preventing potential issues there. No problem with that.

But once you cross the line from "I don't like fandom and don't want it on my reading list so I won't be adding fandom types" to "I don't like fandom and don't like possibly running into it while I browse DW, so there should be less of it" then you're just acting like an entitled brat.

DW is a very fandom friendly site, so fandom types like it. Thus, fandom exists on DW. If you don't like community advertisements for fandom challenges, or seeing fanfic on Latest Things, or seeing someone squee over a show you hate, then just scroll past. You are not being oppressed by the existence of fandom. No-one is going out of their way to shove their Big Bang into the face of someone who couldn't care less. Despite the rumors, we do not have fandom ninjas that drop from the ceiling and paste Star Trek smut fanart onto your computer monitor before disappearing into the night.

If you don't have a mouse with a scrollwheel, then you can click on the bar to the right and pull it down. It essentially works the same, in that you can move past stuff you're not interested in.

Most doctors recommend scrolling past things that annoy you instead of trying to start epic wank over them. Much better for your blood pressure.
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There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not want to interact in online fandom. Maybe you have social anxiety, or your wrists can only take so much typing or you just flatout don't have enough time for it. Heck, maybe fandom is just something you don't particularly care to be active in and you just have more fun on the sidelines watching, that's fine too! There are no rules against lurkers in fandom!

However, if you are active enough in fandom to utter the phrase "There isn't enough X! This fandom sucks!", and then you have the gall to ignore someone that points out some X they found, then I can probably tell you exactly why there isn't enough 'X'.

No-one wants to plays in the same sandbox as the kid who always screeches for more trucks then picks the trucks that are there up, throws them at people and then continues screeching about their lack of trucks.

At the very least, I would rather play in the sandbox with the kid who builds castles and lets other people join in and build with her.

Fandom's a lot more fun when you're building castles instead of throwing trucks.
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Silly icon meme. )

Also, randomly, I had Big Thoughts on Van and Sexuality. Or mainly in the sense of how I approached Van and His Sexuality.

And all of this says more about me than him really. )
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If you truly wish to turn me off to a fandom then the easiest way to do that is to make sure that while you're selling it to me that you bash the fandom that I do like in the same breath.

Do this and I will likely never even spare a glance at whatever fandom it is that you are trying so hard to turn me off to!

If you can't think of any reason why something can be enjoyable without bashing something else, there probably isn't enough room for it to stand on its own and I probably wouldn't enjoy it anyway.

...And this can go with characters and pairings in fandom too. Especially pairings, since this seems to be something common with all the "Pairing X is SUPERIOR IN EVERYWAY to Pairing Y."

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So...Apparently my donations did go through, and I managed to uh, accidentally donate 4x the amount I originally planned. Thus all of my Christmas money went to Haiti, which I just found out today.

See, if I managed to accidentally buy 4 copies of the same game, it would feel like an epic fail and I'd be kicking myself. Instead it has become a bit of an epic win.

I told Dad about it, when we went out and he asked where all my money went, and then he offered to buy me one of the games I wanted. Thus, I got Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and find myself rather...torn over it. Hence the unhappy icon.

I haven't gotten very far but consider this a rant with spoilers. )


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