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Sep. 24th, 2010 11:46 pm
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Name any character in any fandom that you think I would be passingly familiar with. In return, I will give you five fanons in my head or a drabble, my choice.

...It looked fun and it'll probably be a good writing warm-up in the morning. Pretty much anyone is okay so long as they don't have redhair and go >:[ a lot. (He's very finicky about being written on demand for. some reason.)

Anyway, I'm gonna take a moment to rec OmmWriter for the Mac.

The website is pretentious as hell but I'm finding that the program works really well for me. It's fullscreened so that cuts out any "My e-mail is RIGHT THERE. I should check it! Right out!" distractions I have, and putting on headphones cuts out the "Dad is blowing shit up in his game while Mom watches a movie about blowing shit up and the dogs actually attempt to blow shit up with a degree of success" distractions. The music and keyboard sound effects are really relaxing so I find myself stressing less about writing too. Since Write or Die is something I can only do once in a while since it puts me that on edge, OmmWriter is pretty good for when I just don't want to be THAT on edge.

I tend to get pretty anxious in regards to writing, either with meeting challenge goals or just general fussing over the quality of the writing, I'm finding that this is helping me calm down quite a bit. If you tend to get anxious with writing, this may be worth a shot for you too. :>
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So, I'm in need of a game, anime, manga, TV series, whatever to immerse myself in for a heavy dose of escapism. WoW is usually my go-to for that but the dangers of MMOs is dealing with asshole players and I got no patience for asshole players at the moment.

I like political/social intrigue with lots of ~scandal~ so anything with that is good. Hyperviolence is also awesome, with cannibalism is a super plus. Magnificent bastard type characters are fantastic to me, as well as relationships with not entirely emotionally healthy D/s (and is portrayed as unhealthy mind you, key thing there). Sympathetic antagonists are like my favorite thing ever and I'm always happy to see them. Apocalypse tales are awesome and good dystopia stories give me shivers.

Despite all that, I also have a soft-spot in me for really cute quirky slice-of-life, and determined magical girls. (But don't tell anyone, that is my super secret publicly-accessible-by-the-entire-internet secret.) If you think something might mesh with my sense of humor, go ahead and toss it at me.

If you've read any good fic lately that hits any of my buttons and kinks, that'll be awesome to know about too. I'll read for fandoms I don't know for the sake of my buttons so don't worry about that.

Thank you~ ♥
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It is very good to know that I worried about nothing.

It is also very good to get a call back about a job interview and be asked to begin training next week. There is still ~issues with paperwork~ (ie, COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT, WHERE ARE YOU?) but hopefully I'll be able to get that sorted out and start at a REAL JOB.


I think I deserve a treat today. What shall I treat myself with, I wonder~?

How about [community profile] newgameplus fics? A master list of all submissions has been posted and I'm still clicking things at random. I~ don't have a great number of JRPG fandoms that I'm familiar with so that limited what I could read and understand, but I still have some recs!

Right here, under this cut! /o/ Note that they ALL contain spoilers for their respective fandoms so I won't add that warning with the links. )

...that said, I have a late, late, late [community profile] areyougame fic to hopefully finish before tomorrow. I better hop to it, I think.
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Teppu is a manga about female martial artists (Mixed Martial Arts specifically), ones who exist as characters who are genuinely interested in the sport and just happen to be female. There's still some acknowledgment of the fact that women in sports are going to have a harder time than men, yet that doesn't seem to deter any of the characters. There are characters aren't conventionally 'pretty' but they're not considered 'ugly' either (in fact, one of the prime examples is the female instructor, who has a rather masculine face...which is something Natsuo likes about her.) They also all have realistic, strong bodies that you would expect from a woman in a sport like MMA.

There's also the bit where the protagonist, Natsuo, is the sort of character where you could write 'antagonist' instead and it wouldn't seem like a bad descriptor, but that's more my sort of personal button more so than anything else. What I think other people might like about her, is that she is a common male character type in shounen manga. Her gender really doesn't mean anything, she doesn't feel the need to prove herself to be as tough as a guy or to show herself as 'better than a typical girl' -- she just wants to be stronger for her own sake and that's it.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned that the mangaka is a guy? And that a guy is able to write about female characters, doing traditionally masculine things and having traditionally masculine traits, and still show them as realistic characters? That part's pretty awesome too.

The one downside is that it's still incomplete so you're going to be left waiting for more after chapter 7. At least the chapters are a decent length and there's enough out now to figure out whether or not it's your cup of tea.

...I have a long to-do list today and I haven't started on any of it and it's 3:00pm already. I better get cracking. D|


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