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1!: Today we went to the zoo! :D But there were no tigers. :( But I bought a tiger plushie from the gift shop anyway. :D

The rest of my life is less exciting. )
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Taken from [ profile] silentdrifterz

That RP meme going around. )

There's also a "who am I most like" RP meme going around but my list is...short. Though I guess if I included characters I've played in DRs and in one-on-one with Windy...

I have a more impressive list. )

Writing out EVERY CHARACTER I PLAYED EVER in the past three years that way makes it seem more impressive. Don't I have a wide and varied background? |D
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SO. Kinda sorta, a bit on a whim, I apped Van at [ profile] somarium and, got accepted. I rather liked the concept and [ profile] wildsaber plays Luke there and I've missed playing with her Luke so, VOILA...In short it's her fault, go point your fingers at her. Not me. >->

The preceding paragraph should warn you of RP babble. )

TL;DR: I disappeared from the LJ RP scene for a while and then returned WITH A VENGEANCE. Which seems to be what I do, hop in, get myself all wet, then burn out have self-confidence issues and go zoom off elsewhere. BUT HOPEFULLY, ONE DAY, I'LL STOP DOING THAT. |D;
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So the Tales of Ladies thingy may have to wait until January, since I will likely be very busy next month and I imagine everyone else will be too. This may give me time to think about how to do it though. I was considering doing it the same way I did the Vanwork-a-thon, where I post to my journal and have a cycle of prompts -> posting -> round up of links. I think with that method, I could stretch it out so longer submissions would be done, people would have more time to write/draw whatever and it would be easier to crosspost between LJ and DW. But, stretching it out is also a bit of a downside and while I had fun with it, I'm not sure if it's something that everyone else would see as fun.

But, I'm wondering if it might be worth doing it the way [ profile] saying_yes_2010 would be doing it with the prompt trees and everyone just going into it and having fun. It's more sporadic and fast-paced and comment fics/drawings are always fun! And apparently this sort of prompt-based posting is the in-thing! Though, it would only be open for about a week and if someone is busy that week, they can't join in. It would also make crossposting that much harder unless I was crossposting every comment which uh, would be a lot of work for me.

Either way, I'll probably have to set up a different community for it. Doing the Vanwork-a-thon on my journal, kinda made it "my" show when it should have been a show that I just happened to run. So ideally, Tales of Ladies should not be "my" show but everyone's show...If that makes sense. And maybe, if it kicks off extremely well, it can be a recurring thing too. Which would be sweet. |3

In other good Tales of News: [ profile] nam_cobanda kicked off really well. I was a bit worried that like, no-one would show and then BUNCHES OF PEOPLE CAME HOORAY! Quite a few of them being players I rather liked. :3 I also got a chance to go through my ol' collection of RP journals and toss out some characters I don't play with so often. And uh, tossing out six different characters to a-lot-more-than-six different people was...not the most brilliant thing I have done to my sanity. Thank god for LJ login at least.

But uh, was fun but. I think, next time, I'm putting a cap on how many active threads I try to get myself into. I mostly wanted to try and kick up activity and it looks like I didn't have to try so hard so, MISSION SUCCESS.

I think I had something else of interest to fandom that I wished to point out but now I've forgotten. I suppose I shall leave a note that TrollCats is horribly offensive but DAMN did I still laugh at some of those for I will always be a horrible person deep inside. I suppose nothing softens the blow of racism, sexism, religious intolerance, homophobia and the belittling of tragic events quite like a cute adorable kitten. Behold the power of cats...We may only hope they don't use their powers for further evil.

I suppose if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this feline.
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I don't like assholes. )

Now unrelated to the above, I shall now point the Tales of RPers on my flist to [ profile] nam_cobanda that's going to open November 25th! There's a bit more information about it in the OOC community but for now, it's going to be a Tales of DR. The idea of having it be open to all of Namco Bandai's series, like Digimon, Soul Caliber and...other titles I've forgotten. |D

ANYWAY~ I hope to see you guys there when it opens. x3


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