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[personal profile] dingsi is hosting a love meme. Go ahead and nominate yourself if you haven't, or PM me if you don't feel up to doing it yourself. ♥
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[community profile] newgameplus's reversathon is still accepting prompts for the next 24 hours!

All the profiles to prompt are at [personal profile] playerone.

There's close to 200 prompts already so lets try and get some more prompts in there, all right?

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[community profile] easymode

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It's amnesty week over at [community profile] tales_100! That means you can write for any of the previous posted themes and post them for this week!

I've been on a bit of a creative roll trying to get the themes I've missed and having a lot of fun with that. :D I've been working my way through the God Generals and already hit on Largo, Asch, Arietta and Sync and have Dist and Legretta left. though I'm not very sure the 'Asch' one counts since it was Van POV...but there are seven themes so if the roll keeps rolling I can have all of them. \o/

Anyway, the community is rather small but still fairly active and I've (obviously) been having a lot of fun reading and writing the drabbles there and I'd like to see more people take part in it too! I got DW invites if you need, so why not come on over! :D

And completely unrelated and highly shameless of me, I wrote Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic and figured I'd share since it's...Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic. That's kind of something to be shared with the greater public, I think.
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Sign-ups for Round 2 are now open until August 13th! But do take a look at the Rules of course.

I also have a more serious post that needs to get made but I am...really not feeling up to it at the moment. ._. Or several. I got a lot to say but not the energy to say it.
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[community profile] fandom20in20's Round Five Sign-Ups are open! I had a lot of fun in the last round so if the idea of making 20 challenge icons in 20 days appeals to you, give it a look! /o/

Voting for the last round is still going on too. There are some talented folks there so if you got the time to put in some votes, all the better. /o/

...At any rate, I've signed up for Round Five with Saya no Uta as my first choice. This should be fun!
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LJ is being silly again. The link there explains what exactly the outbound links that LJ uses does and why that's an issue, while this post has a more technical explanation for it.

Both posts include fixes for them. The first one uses the admin console to opt out of having to deal with the script using the command "set opt_exclude_stats 1", and LJ seems to load faster for me after doing so (though that may have just been a coincidence) though if you RP a lot of characters then you'll have to repeat for each journal.) The second one makes use of the Firefox addons AdBlock and NoScript, and blocking outboundlink.* should help.

I'm not inciting a riot or an OMG MOVE TO DW (so please don't try and turn the post into a "IF YOU HATE LJ THEN LEAVE FOREVER" thing) but it is something that seems to affect site performance so even if you have no feelings about what they're doing and why, using the opt outs might make the site more responsive at the least.

Help Chile

Mar. 1st, 2010 07:03 pm
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This is a Spanish language post on helping Chile with the recent earthquake but I'm boosting the signal since I know many of you know Spanish.

For English speakers, you can still help by texting the word 'CHILE'.

If you have any sources, let me know and I'll edit the post to include them.
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[community profile] areyougame is still taking prompts until the 13th. I went ahead and took a look at the preview list and um. There might be one or two I have my eye on. I'm going to try and limit myself to just one until I finish other obligations though.


At any rate, I got a special valentines date with Write or Die and notepad. I'm debating bringing some wine. For extra romance, of course. :<a

...Also. "I got my crabs at Dirty Dicks" is one of the more...interesting advertisements I've seen for a restaurant.
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...Are all Lady Gaga's music videos essentially softcore porn? Or, aren't most music videos essentially softcore porn? I feel like I keep making this comparison whenever I watch these things.

In other news: Dogs are awesome!

And [community profile] newgameplus's sign-ups close in about three days. Fandoms in need are:
Beyond Good and Evil
Parasite Eve II
Resident Evil
Seiken Densetsu 3
Wild Arms 5

...I feel like I know people who are into Halo and Wild Arms but you know, NO PRESSURE FROM ME OR ANYTHING. 8D
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Finishing editing the Van/Legretta for [livejournal.com profile] tales_ficathon (much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gargantsurprise for noticing that I managed to accidentally cut out a hundred word segment from it, AND NOT NOTICE. SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE HELL. XD)

I'm actually pretty happy with some of the stuff I put out this month. Like, pleased with it enough that I want to SHOW IT OFF~ somewhere...maybe. I could print some of it out and then tape it under random street signs; would make for an amusing news article if nothing else.

Mysterious Pornographer Strikes Small Town.

ALSO. If you have not signed up for [community profile] newgameplus and have been considering, do so now! Sign ups close January 29th and there is a BIG list of game fandoms already requested and offered. If you're one of those writers who finds writing a full 1000 words is too intimidating, you have the option of writing two 500 pieces instead.

If you can't get (or don't want) a DW account, you can use OpenID instead. Just type in YOURUSERNAME.livejournal.com and LJ will prompt you through the rest. Then you'll be able to comment anywhere on DW without having to get an account! You won't be able to post, but you can get a friend (ie. maybe me? |D) or the mod to post for you. :3

and I just had a random thought of how hard it is to search for good Abyss fic sometimes, since it's not an overly ficcy fandom sooo, I'm going to try and compile a bit of a rec list of Abyss fic. Anyone got any recs for any Abyss fic they think deserves mention? :O
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Ooookay then. I tried to donate more than once now, but while my gift mock-debit-card I got for Christmas was good enough to buy paid DW time over Paypal, I'm having issues when I'm trying to donate. Either a) the company is screwing something up or b) I am consistently screwing something up. Probably the latter. :|

So I tossed myself up for the Lightning Round; first five people that donate at least $3 will get something in the range of 100-500 words. If you choose to request an older fandom from me instead of TotA ah, forgive me if the results are lacking? orz My auction is still over here and hasn't vanished. Though Windy IS A MEGA-CHEATER THAT CHEATS.

[livejournal.com profile] jikeidannin has an auction for Sherlock Holmes (movie), Naruto, Batman (comics), and Final Fantasy IX and XII. ...He had no bids when I last checked but uh, feel free to offer competition to his bidder? I played at [livejournal.com profile] damned with him so I can vouch that he's a good writer! \o/

As a reminder, the auctions go on until January 20th, which gives you four days. If you plan to 'snipe' an auction, keep that in mind.

Also, I do 'pimp' stuff a lot but over time I've grown to like using the word in that context less and less. The Browncoat deep down inside me greatly prefers 'signal boost'; has a more ~internet~ feel and less of a ~most likely involved in human trafficking~ feel.


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