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I am a big believer in 'words matter'. I am pretty sure I have ranted many times about how it's important to know and understand the connotations words have and the implications you may unintentionally make when you say things like "that's so gay" or use slurs ~as a joke~, etc. etc.

However, when you, as a privileged person, tell someone in a minority group that they are being *ist or *phobic for their 'oppressive' use of their self-identified terms?

Then you are kind of missing the fucking point.
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Just so we're clear.

The United States is not some sort of gay utopia where gay rights activists can (and should) stop cause we managed to get marriage legalized in five out of fifty states.

I have no idea what school you went to, but 10% is not a passing grade. Try again.
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Bioware: Romances in DA2 are for everyone.

Thank you Bioware for remembering that I exist and that I have a right to see myself in games too.
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Keeva of Tree Bark Jacket has made a post on how she had enabled bigotry as Guild Master. (Warning for potential discussion triggers for rape.)

I'm really glad a big name WoW blogger made this post, one with a following and a great deal of influence. It makes me hopeful, because I've been seeing more and more stuff like this from the WoW community lately and I'm beginning to think that, even though it's small now, the influence will make a difference. There will always be pockets where players will laugh and brush this stuff off, but the number of players that stop and consider will go up. More people getting it is always a good thing. Always.

Another thing that really makes me glad this post exists is that Keeva was honest about her own slipups and her own part in letting things like this go on. She took the time to evaluate her words and evaluate her action and her lack of action, and came to the conclusion that even though she may have said nothing herself, she still had responsibility for having allowed it to slide for as long as she had.

And I have my own thoughts on that. )
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These things have been on my mind enough that I feel I have to talk about them at this point, if only to get them off my chest.

I'm going to go ahead and add potential trigger warnings for various *isms, mainly homophobia but mentions of others so, be mindful of that.

Privileged Anger. )

Reverse discrimination and what it *really* is about. )


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