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For [community profile] kink_bingo, using my 'wet, messy, dirty' square as an excuse for bukkake over various skit faces!

Content note: Discussion of dubcon. Underage characters (as young as 10 technically 2) and non-humanoids also join in the fun.

42 icons and some bukkake discussion under the cut. )
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It's amnesty week over at [community profile] tales_100! That means you can write for any of the previous posted themes and post them for this week!

I've been on a bit of a creative roll trying to get the themes I've missed and having a lot of fun with that. :D I've been working my way through the God Generals and already hit on Largo, Asch, Arietta and Sync and have Dist and Legretta left. though I'm not very sure the 'Asch' one counts since it was Van POV...but there are seven themes so if the roll keeps rolling I can have all of them. \o/

Anyway, the community is rather small but still fairly active and I've (obviously) been having a lot of fun reading and writing the drabbles there and I'd like to see more people take part in it too! I got DW invites if you need, so why not come on over! :D

And completely unrelated and highly shameless of me, I wrote Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic and figured I'd share since it's...Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic. That's kind of something to be shared with the greater public, I think.


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