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Thanks for the comments on my past post. It was nice to have something to smile to, when I logged on today. I'm still in a bit of a low mood, but I asked Mom if we could out to town and see if there's any place around that's hiring and we'll be hitting the library along the way. I'm sure that being out in town, walking around, doing something productive and not being alone will be a big help in that.

Gaming babble: Symphonia 2 (no spoilers but, just in case?) and some WoW adventures. )

Now have some writing babble for dessert. )
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So...Apparently my donations did go through, and I managed to uh, accidentally donate 4x the amount I originally planned. Thus all of my Christmas money went to Haiti, which I just found out today.

See, if I managed to accidentally buy 4 copies of the same game, it would feel like an epic fail and I'd be kicking myself. Instead it has become a bit of an epic win.

I told Dad about it, when we went out and he asked where all my money went, and then he offered to buy me one of the games I wanted. Thus, I got Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and find myself rather...torn over it. Hence the unhappy icon.

I haven't gotten very far but consider this a rant with spoilers. )


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