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This is mainly a post to let people that I am not dead yet. The assassins have failed. :)

Blather. )

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So, there's translations of the TotA anime drama CDs floating around and well.

Anise: Then, then, about what we were talking about earlier, Tear, what would be your ideal man?


Anise: I wasn't asking about Asch. So, Tear, what about his looks?
Tear: Mmh... Someone who'd look good with a beard...?

...So Tear canonically has a brother complex? Yes/YES/FUCK YES?
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I am mildly in love with [ profile] corrakun and the caps she's been uploading to [ profile] talesoftheabyss. I am going to have the best icons ever that are going to be lazily made but it PRESERVES THE EXPRESSIONS.

Anyway, we finally uncovered our PS2 cords and can now play our various Playstation games (that are within the first two generations, of course.) Given the pile of games I have unfinished, and all the various options presented to me, there was really only one thing to do:

Continue my fourth Abyss replay. Just got to Baticul the first time!...again. Expect tons of spoilers anyway since this is my FOURTH REPLAY and all. sob. )
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Nuu, meme.

Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You have are free to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal.

DW is still bugged with textboxes, I think? That or I suck at coding and can't make them work but I can post just the questions later if someone wants. ASSUME THEY ALL HAVE SPOILERS. Because they do.

Tales of the Abyss. )

Saya no Uta. )

World of Warcraft )
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This morning, I woke and found that there was a delivery of flowers and chocolate for me, and a new little plush bear friend. Knowing that my Windy was thinking of me definitely made my day. ♥

And it's Friday, which means I get to link to a DreamWidth community I'm interested in and think other people should be interested in too. \o/

[community profile] kink_finders showed up in the community, and it has made my day already! If there's a specific kink you're looking for, you can put in a request and see if anyone has any fic that fits what you're looking for. And it doesn't even have to be sex-based kinks either! If third-person omniscient POV makes your brain tingly, you can request that too!

I see great things for this community. /is excited!

Now for an Abyss-specific rec: Holy Orders is an English-language doujinshi mini-anthology focused on the Daath characters, and it's open for preorder now! I already put in a preorder myself. /o/
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Windy managed to find some Male!Tear and Female!Van the other day. I've grown quite enamored with it, for the both of them.

Some related and unrelated Abyss babble. )

...There was also a post on [ profile] wow_ladies advertising an LGBT-friendly Alliance alt guild. Since I CLEARLY don't have enough alts I...rolled another female drae'nei. Shaman this time, with a ridiculous name I got off the randomizer. Aequarius is so creative. |D

Now some WoW-babble of the RP-relevant kind. WINDY AND GARGANT MAY LIKE SOME OF THIS. )
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Write or Die is an excellent way to just get the first hundred words down. After I got the start of something down, it's a lot easier to keep going once I know what it is exactly that I'm writing.

Though that now leads me to an Abyss question, rambling and then random bits of detail. )
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I actually made an icon post over at [ profile] team_van. It is...rather huge. And with spotty quality as I've been experimenting with coloring (my weakness...!) and...trying NOT to toss a texture onto ever single icon ever. I am amazed at how much work it can take to make the coloring work, and then find that it looks flat and dull as soon as I save it to .png and upload it. *SIGH* :(

But I think focusing on coloring only has helped a bit. I feel like I have a BIT more control over how to make an icon turn out. I should probably try out what I've learned on a header or something.

IT'S AMAZING, I've learned something when all I wanted to do was prettify pixels! It's like you really CAN learn something new everyday. :O

UNRELATEDLY, I have having delicious hard cider. This stuff is so good. Nom nom. ;;
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I got an Archive of Our Own account and have been sorting through what I have written and trying to decide what to post up.

I also need to organize my writing folder. I got things organized by Fandom/OriginalVerse and the Abyss folder has like, 140 files...but I didn't think to separate them further into unfinished/finished folders. BAH. And some of the finished things are, stuff even I won't admit to writing. >-> So far I have a lot of M/M. I don't know why but that seems easier for me to write than F/F. I should work on that. I know I got some F/F pairings I favor...

BUT YES, so far I rather like the site and it's little four squares thing for rating, pairing, warnings and completion. AND THE TAGS, oh I love the tags. ♥ It makes things so much easier to browse and I, I like tags, as an idea. I support them and their tag-ness.

...oh yeah. That Van/Largo I was babbling about is up there. Windy was wonderfully awesome and gave it a quick look for typos and thoughts on Largo's voice and uh, I think I need to write more of him. So I can have my lovely read more. ♥

THOUGH ON THAT NOTE, out of curiosity, what pairings/threesomes/moresomes/non-romantic relationships have you guys found you liked and wanted to see more of? Any fandom really, even if I don't know it. I'm curious about this kinda stuff!

My posts have had a lot of incessant rambling lately. What gives self? *BOOT*
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I~ have a 1200 word fic that shall be edited tomorrow~

The writing went pretty slow but I managed to get to writing again (even got a double-drabble sitting around too~) And all is well with the world~

ah the writing of shameless, shameless porn. I almost forgot the joys of it.

...also, I randomly feel the need to point out that seme/uke is not the same thing as top/bottom. One is merely a reference to who's receiving and who's giving, the other is the attempt to apply what a heterosexual relationship 'should' be to a pairing of two men.

Someone can be a bottom, and yet still be the one in control in powerplay.

Whether or not the dick is in you, it has no relevance to anything beyond that.

also: do want more 'bottom in control' fic plz
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I am so hyper and full of energy and about to go boom. I guess after uh, NOT drinking Mountain Dew for so long, getting all that sugar and caffeine back into my system has an effect.

The crash will suck at some point.

THAT SAID, WE HAVE A HOUSE! A REAL, UNFINISHED BUT WILL BE LIVABLE WITHIN A MONTH UNLESS SHIT HAPPENS HOUSE! ;A; This is a bold step forward, and it's even fancier than our old house. :O Or, at least it looks like it'll be that way, once there's like, actual flooring and lights and stuff.

What I've been doing in the meantime. RP and WoW talk. )



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