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FINALLY! [community profile] hardmode is looking to hire betas, cheerleaders and other creative sorts! We accept all levels of experience (from levels 1 to 100!) and will probably be desperate for you later on. So please, apply now!

...Like right now. Go. Do it. >:[>

And life in the form of work and WoW and the little bit of writing I sometimes do now. )
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So! Apparently the job training I went to was "We'll toss you to the wolves children and see if you survive."

Anyway, it was basically first day on the job. And on the first day, a kid came into the auditorium, threw his bookbag into the seats, then ran out and hid inside the school. A janitor ended up finding him and bringing him back, thankfully.

Guess whose group he's in?


This same kid also randomly came up to me and said "I want to hear you say nigger." For seemingly no reason at all, he wanted me to say a racial slur. Not the sort of request one expects from an eight year old.

The other kids mainly asked about the tutor I was replacing and if she'll ever come back and will I be leaving at all so she can come back? I have never meet this Mrs. M but she was apparently very well liked. That or they thought I smelled funny, one of the two.

I also got the distinct impression that I was not hired because they thought I'd be any good but I got hired out of sheer desperation, oh god, so few people last the week and we hope you come tomorrow, PLEASE SAY YOU'LL COME TOMORROW.

Aside from all that though, the kids aren't too bad once you sit them down and start scribbling stars on their workbook problems. They really like my stars apparently and I can get them to correct their work so I can draw them ~*~SPECIAL STARS~*~

Kids will do anything for ~*~SPECIAL STARS~*~ And by "anything" I mean, "actually behaving the way they should."


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