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This video is not entirely worksafe but it is the best game review I have ever watched. So I am sharing it. )

Entirely unrelated: I went to the midnight release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and grabbed a copy for both me and my dad. If you do not see me again this month, message the goblin shaman Filixi of Sentinels. She has probably held me hostage for moolah.
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I have been feeling tired lately. Not the sort of physical tiredness after a long active day, just the sort where caring about things or being productive just doesn't seem worth the energy. edit: ...I meant to include a note of thanks for comments with the explanation that I was too tired to touch on certain issues at the moment. CLEARLY, WHEN I SAID I'M TIRED, I MEANT IT. 8(

Obviously, the solution is video games!

In Eternal Poison, I managed to get through Thage's tale! )

I was also in incredible good luck when I went to the mall the other day. At the Gamestop, right there on the shelf were two copies of Shin Megami Tenshi: Strange Journey. I immediately picked one up and ah this game is so fun~ ♥

I named the main character Van Grants since...I tend to do that with nameless male PCs. Because I am hopelessly predictable like that. But trying to play through the game 'ICly' has added another layer of fun (which will probably help when it comes time for grinding, I AM WEAK AT GRINDING OKAY?) Only issue with that plan is that I'm only a little bit in and I don't think the game has taken into account that the PC might be a lying liar who often walks around with his pants on fire.

No spoilers (I'm only past the first boss so, I don't have much plot-stuff to comment only) but I am loving the whole "make alliances with demons" aspect. Apparently this is the norm for SMT? More games should have negotiations with demons I think.

I am also loving the exploration! It's a bit like Etrian Odyssey, only with like, a plot that makes you want to hurry up and get to where you need to go instead of just slowly diddly-daddling your way up. and the lack of FoEs is always nice. >>

IN SHORT, there is nothing like a day of video games to recharge the "Give a shit"-a-meter.


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