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This is mainly a post to let people that I am not dead yet. The assassins have failed. :)

Blather. )

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The Proudmoore Pride was the single most fun event I have had the pleasure of joining in this game. I'm so glad I was able to take the time to go.

Warning: Not dialup friendly...and possibly not worksafe if your boss isn't fond of big beefy minotaurs wearing skimpy leather and riding bears.

To Booty Bay! )
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...I am super excited for [community profile] yuri_challenge. I log on today and my inbox is STUFFED with prompts. :D

Life is...going. I am still working on a weird schedule but once I get my paycheck this week I can buy myself a late-birthday shiny and still have money for gas and lunch to keep me afloat. I IS RESPONSIBLE W/ MONIES.

Also! Looking around and seeing what my options for continuing education are! So far my biggest problem is that I really want the fuck out of this state but ~problems~ are preventing that. a rant for another daaaaay~ \o/ .../o\

Mainly, most of my exciting times has been coming from WoW. Blah blah blah. Nerd nerd nerd. )
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Long live the King. )
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I am slowly but surely working on the other meme. Like a turtle. Specifically a turtle in possession of a fully upgraded World of Warcraft account with three 80s who now have five levels ahead of them and two new level 12 alts who are looking at an entirely new experience for their next 48 levels.

Which basically means I have a tab up and I write a sentence between while waiting for mob respawns. >->

THAT SAID, I've been feeling kinda crummy and I SUCK AT EVERYTHING WAH and this looked like an interesting way to pick me up from that. So lets have a meme where you do the work for me.

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?

I don't really expect any answers cause I'm still scratch my head over what 'The One' is for a few people on my reading list. And I also tend to remember really inane details like "you wrote "tacos are delicious" one time and that stuck with me for a week" sort of details and it takes time before I reach the "oh yeah, that one fic that made me reevaluate my faith was written by you too" memory. :S
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This video is not entirely worksafe but it is the best game review I have ever watched. So I am sharing it. )

Entirely unrelated: I went to the midnight release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and grabbed a copy for both me and my dad. If you do not see me again this month, message the goblin shaman Filixi of Sentinels. She has probably held me hostage for moolah.
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I kept thinking of writing a post about the reasons I like WoW. Then I noticed that I had a huge screenshot folder with 250 images. If each picture is worth a 1000 words, then that's a pretty big epic right there.

Fortunately for you, you're getting the abridged version that died a little in the uploading process. Still not dialup friendly. )
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Sometimes when I'm trying to hit a specific word count, I like to pretend that I'm grinding rep with whichever writing challenge I'm currently working on.

So right now I am Friendly with [community profile] kink_bingo and am hoping to hit Honored with them whenever I figure out what I'm doing with my (late late late) bingo.


Shut up it works. >:|
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Keeva of Tree Bark Jacket has made a post on how she had enabled bigotry as Guild Master. (Warning for potential discussion triggers for rape.)

I'm really glad a big name WoW blogger made this post, one with a following and a great deal of influence. It makes me hopeful, because I've been seeing more and more stuff like this from the WoW community lately and I'm beginning to think that, even though it's small now, the influence will make a difference. There will always be pockets where players will laugh and brush this stuff off, but the number of players that stop and consider will go up. More people getting it is always a good thing. Always.

Another thing that really makes me glad this post exists is that Keeva was honest about her own slipups and her own part in letting things like this go on. She took the time to evaluate her words and evaluate her action and her lack of action, and came to the conclusion that even though she may have said nothing herself, she still had responsibility for having allowed it to slide for as long as she had.

And I have my own thoughts on that. )
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Blizzard is being really dumb with RealID, and I'm waiting a bit to see how it pans out. Given how they've caved on other issues due to player outrage (even ones where I really disagreed with it, such as caving on the original male Belfs being "too gay" and beefing them up :|), and given the fact that enough WoW players are unsubscribing that they're having issues with the server load for that and the fact that Blizzard's stock started dropping the moment they came out with this announcement?

I'll be really surprised if they were stupid enough to go through with it. Just the fact that the entire internet has personal information including full name, address, family names and cell phone numbers on one of the forum GMs should be enough to show that this is really fucking stupid and dangerous. Even if you don't understand the fear of being outed as a woman/trans/PoC/etc. or the fear of having a stalker find you again, you should be able to understand the completely unrelenting wrath of the masses of the internet once you've managed to piss off enough of the wrong people.

So, no Blizzard. This will not get rid of trolling -- it will be fucking dangerous for anyone that decides to make a forum post. Anyone, even your precious white cismale college student demographic, can be and likely will be harassed. If you go through with this, you will lose your stranglehold on the MMO market, all because you got greedy trying to snag up that elusive Farmville demograph.

At any rate. I had something I've been wanting to finish in the game, and since I'm pretty sure I (and several WoW pals) won't be playing anymore if they don't reign back on RealID, I figured I'd spend last night tying up loose ends on the assumption that I won't be playing again.

So I have some shameless bragging under the cut. )
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You know what's really enjoyable about progression raiding? It's the same thing that I found enjoyable with theater.

You get a group of people together, and you work out your performance. Every one of those people learn their part and how to play it, then they learn to play it against the rest of their team.

And everyone practices, practices and practices some more. Each week? You and your team are practicing.

Then finally, it all pays off. Every member of your team knows where to move and how to move there, they all know when to shout out their lines and they all know how to just keep moving and recover when a slip-up is made.

At the end of show, the boss is down and you realize that you did it. You all pulled off a perfect performance -- and you're all ready to do it again next week.

I've been missing theater, especially since the area I live in doesn't have many good options. (Basically, unless you're under 18 and planning to move pretty far away for college: you're not going to have any options.) But I'm finding that raiding in WoW fills in the stuff that I really miss about theater. We don't have an audience and our only rewards are pretty dress-up clothes for our characters, but just being part of a coordinated team that can take down dragons on command is pretty awesome.
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FINALLY! [community profile] hardmode is looking to hire betas, cheerleaders and other creative sorts! We accept all levels of experience (from levels 1 to 100!) and will probably be desperate for you later on. So please, apply now!

...Like right now. Go. Do it. >:[>

And life in the form of work and WoW and the little bit of writing I sometimes do now. )
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1!: Today we went to the zoo! :D But there were no tigers. :( But I bought a tiger plushie from the gift shop anyway. :D

The rest of my life is less exciting. )
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...Yeah, 1000 words and not even 1/3 of the way through? (...hell, I don't think I'm even 1/6th of the way through) I do not think this will be finished today. I'm not going to rush a deadline if the only person who'll be disappointed is me, and I'll be more disappointed if I rushed than if I didn't. So there. :|

Anyway, now that [community profile] newgameplus is over, I can talk a bit about some things that bothered me while doing some lore background reading on the Blue Dragonflight. Specifically, this post will be about Malygos and his ten-thousand year period of 'insanity'.

Mostly some babbling, with a bit of ranting for flavor. )
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Know Your Lore on is running a series on Horde politics, starting with the orcs. (Some Cataclysm rumors/spoilers, but it's mostly backstory stuff.)

I find the analysis of Thrall and his backstory and his rise to power amongst the orcs rather fascinating. I also particularly like how the author makes sure to point out the fact that there is a difference between human ideals and orcish ones and how that may cause problems for Horde players later with all the Cataclysm stuff that might be happening.

One thing I love about WoW, and the Horde especially, is all the politics involved and the racial tensions against factions and even within them. There is a reason that Undead and Blood Elves start out as friendly to one another, but neutral against the rest of Horde races -- something that isn't the case with any of the Alliance races. The Horde definitely feels like the more 'diverse' faction, to me, but that same diversity also brings up problems within the faction as a whole and aaah

As a Horde player, all this political upheaval is going to be nerve-wracking. As a WoW player, this is going to be so fascinating. ♥


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