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I am slowly but surely working on the other meme. Like a turtle. Specifically a turtle in possession of a fully upgraded World of Warcraft account with three 80s who now have five levels ahead of them and two new level 12 alts who are looking at an entirely new experience for their next 48 levels.

Which basically means I have a tab up and I write a sentence between while waiting for mob respawns. >->

THAT SAID, I've been feeling kinda crummy and I SUCK AT EVERYTHING WAH and this looked like an interesting way to pick me up from that. So lets have a meme where you do the work for me.

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?

I don't really expect any answers cause I'm still scratch my head over what 'The One' is for a few people on my reading list. And I also tend to remember really inane details like "you wrote "tacos are delicious" one time and that stuck with me for a week" sort of details and it takes time before I reach the "oh yeah, that one fic that made me reevaluate my faith was written by you too" memory. :S
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Sometimes when I'm trying to hit a specific word count, I like to pretend that I'm grinding rep with whichever writing challenge I'm currently working on.

So right now I am Friendly with [community profile] kink_bingo and am hoping to hit Honored with them whenever I figure out what I'm doing with my (late late late) bingo.


Shut up it works. >:|
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Reasoning with Vampires is teaching me everything that I should've learned in my high school English class. You know, that class I slept through.


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Sep. 24th, 2010 11:46 pm
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Name any character in any fandom that you think I would be passingly familiar with. In return, I will give you five fanons in my head or a drabble, my choice.

...It looked fun and it'll probably be a good writing warm-up in the morning. Pretty much anyone is okay so long as they don't have redhair and go >:[ a lot. (He's very finicky about being written on demand for. some reason.)

Anyway, I'm gonna take a moment to rec OmmWriter for the Mac.

The website is pretentious as hell but I'm finding that the program works really well for me. It's fullscreened so that cuts out any "My e-mail is RIGHT THERE. I should check it! Right out!" distractions I have, and putting on headphones cuts out the "Dad is blowing shit up in his game while Mom watches a movie about blowing shit up and the dogs actually attempt to blow shit up with a degree of success" distractions. The music and keyboard sound effects are really relaxing so I find myself stressing less about writing too. Since Write or Die is something I can only do once in a while since it puts me that on edge, OmmWriter is pretty good for when I just don't want to be THAT on edge.

I tend to get pretty anxious in regards to writing, either with meeting challenge goals or just general fussing over the quality of the writing, I'm finding that this is helping me calm down quite a bit. If you tend to get anxious with writing, this may be worth a shot for you too. :>
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It's amnesty week over at [community profile] tales_100! That means you can write for any of the previous posted themes and post them for this week!

I've been on a bit of a creative roll trying to get the themes I've missed and having a lot of fun with that. :D I've been working my way through the God Generals and already hit on Largo, Asch, Arietta and Sync and have Dist and Legretta left. though I'm not very sure the 'Asch' one counts since it was Van POV...but there are seven themes so if the roll keeps rolling I can have all of them. \o/

Anyway, the community is rather small but still fairly active and I've (obviously) been having a lot of fun reading and writing the drabbles there and I'd like to see more people take part in it too! I got DW invites if you need, so why not come on over! :D

And completely unrelated and highly shameless of me, I wrote Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic and figured I'd share since it's...Luke/Tear G-rated tentacle fic. That's kind of something to be shared with the greater public, I think.
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On days where it feels like you just can't accomplish anything significant or meaningful and you're berating yourself for still not being able to write The Great American Not-A-Novel-But-Still-Fairly-Long-Piece-Of-Fiction and what is wrong with you, normal people do that in three hours pft, writing a couple of completely unrelated drabbles is v. v. helpful.

A couple hundred words is just enough to feel Accomplished and like your day was not an entire waste and hey, while you're feeling all Accomplished why don't you go back to your original plan and tackle it with RENEWED VIGOR.

...That's why I like writing drabbles anyway. >->

one of these days, i will replace the accomplished mood with something less sinister. BUT NOT TODAY. dun da duuuun.
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SO! Making the inner editor shut up:

-> So far, copying and pasting the bits I feel most ARGH, DELETE about to my cheerleaders helps a lot. Especially when you have awesome cheerleaders that say "I can see why you'd think it's rather rough, but I still like how you did this..." Recognition that it is not perfect, but has the potential to be good if I just shined it a bit more? Actually helps me a lot. ♥ and all is good, but apparently gentle concrit is the most helpful for me.

-> Writing out just dialogue and action may not be good for word counts, but it's a lot easier for me to get the DOING STUFF words down if I leave the AND THEY ARE DOING THE STUFF, THAT HAPPENS TO LOOK LIKE THIS, IN A MANNER RATHER SIMILAR TO THAT WHILE THOUGHTS ARE HAD ABOUT ALL THESE THISES AND THATS for later.

-> [including notes to self in bolded brackets] are useful. The inner editor can scream in them a bit and then I'll just move on, with a handy note right there so I know to look over my Van voice some, add in some more detail later...and to go back and finish my sentence that I left unfinished for some reason.

-> Write or Die is still Lucifer's gift to writer's. Sometimes I'm not happy with what comes out of it but well, stuff comes out of it. Stuff can be edited and fixed much more easily than nothing, for one thing. HELPFUL. /o/

-> ...also, this point is not applicable to most Big Bangers, but it helped me: having your media person be someone you personally know and is not prone to judging you for your erotic disemboweling porn or your horridly rushed prose is a huge relief. I can write safely now, knowing my rough draft won't be in the hands of someone who would find themselves going "WTF WAS SHE SMOKING WRITING THIS? All her sentences have the worst structure I have ever seen, my [deity of choice]!"

And that is how you make the inner editor shut up.

/shares...on the off chance it actually helps anyone else
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...Maybe I should put a post up with the [community profile] areyougame prompts I've claimed, so I won't do something dumb and forget. Just maybe.

Lala, prompts under here~ )

I wonder which one I'm most excited for~? ...and lord I hope I don't go back for more. at least not without me finishing one. orz

Blahblah a To-Write List would probably help too. )
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I see what's going on here, [community profile] areyougame. There are at least four prompts in there that make my brain go PING! And that's just the ones on the immediate ping-o-meter.

I know what you are doing. This is a conspiracy. I see it. You laid those prompts out there specifically to tempt me. Don't think I don't see it. You can't fool me.

There is someone out there, who knows my weaknesses and knows how to use them against me.

I am doomed.

Though seriously. There's some really nice stuff in there and I am really finding them tempting. There's still that one prompt I...didn't finish, but that turned into a bigger grander project that will...probably be best written on my own time and separate from everything else.

But there are so many delicious sweet 'I could put out at least 500 words of that!' bite-sized prompts that I want to eat up. With chocolate sauce and sprinklings of totally unhealthy underlying relationship dynamics. Om nom, delicious creepy kink fic. :9

...lets see if I can get some good writing down for my kinked BB though. If I don't get a finished rough draft by...Sunday, as my totally arbitrary just chosen right now day, it may be best for me to drop out. I got a lot of cool ideas and concepts in there but...There's that whole "I'm not a good enough writer to make it work" thing going on. I should keep trying but. mrr.

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I let my paid account run out so I can give a premium one a try. Mainly it's a purchase made with the interest of having A MILLION ICONS and supporting a site I like. But 250 icons might be 150 too many, I don't know.

Anyway, I have creative (possibly fandom?) sort of questions:

How do you define a 'muse'? What does a muse do for you? Do you think you need a muse to write?
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I woke up this morning and my entire family was gone. So I spend all the day alone for the most part.

Only at midnight do I notice there's a piece of paper on the dining room table, explaining that Sudden Family Emergencies occurred and they're leaving me at home to take care of the dogs.

I am known for my powers of observation in most parts of the world.

Anyway. I was home alone and forgot it was the fourth of July so. I need to apologize to America for missing his birthday party. :( Maybe neck year I'll do something special.

Our Bluray player has an internet version of Netflik, so we can just download movies in the queue and watch them in HD. My sister already put the entire Avatar series in the queue so I was watching that and Aang is so adorable omg, I love him a little bit haha. XD I'm really impressed with the world building so far. Straight from the first episode, you can tell that this is a fully-realized world and it's very easy to immerse yourself into that world too.

Sadly I took a break after four episodes, came back and was told "YOU NEED TO GO AND RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE." Which meant calling mom late at night to go "MY PSEUDO-ANIME STOPPED WORKING :'(" so. I decided it could wait. Somehow.

I made the discovery that, when home alone and mildly frustrated, I become a cleaning maniac. The house is still a mess but it's less of a mess now. And I am feeling somewhat accomplished and productive! Three wins for the price of one!

I also discovered a kind of sort of theme song for my KBB! After...two months? NOW THAT I HAVE APPROPRIATE MUSIC TO LISTEN TO, THE REST SHALL FALL INTO PLACE. MUWHAHAHA. (no really. finding the right music is half the battle when I write fic. if i don't have the right music, trying to get anything out is painful.)
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It really really sucks when I get a visceral scene that I can see and feel in my head, but can't find the words to make it work...which is just one of the problems I've been having with writing lately.

I tried to "write whatever scene you want to work on right that moment" approach for my [community profile] kinked fic so I have some pieces of it but...since I wrote them as pieces I'm not entirely sure they're all going to be used. XD; Individually they made for fun exercises but together they...don't quite add up. |orz I got a bit of the start written up so I'll just continue there and keep my notebook in hand in case I get to fit back in a few paragraphs or so. AH WELL. IT WAS A WORTHY EXPERIMENT.

...I just realized I haven't upgraded my word counter in uh, two/three months? ...oops.

Ah well, the word count challenges served their purpose. They got me writing again on a somewhat consistent basis. I think I would rather focus on adjusting my style and trying to get specific, bigger projects done more than just writing words for the sake of words, so I'll probably just stop worrying about word counts for now. Hopefully my [community profile] kinked fic should have enough meat in it to get a decent word count. I can worry about the word count after the first draft is done.

But...I should also work on mod stuff for [community profile] hardmode I think. I know some people have already finished but I need to make a complete list of those who said they were still in, their fandoms and see what I'll need to get for betas and artists. But that is actual work and can wait until tomorrow.

...Another thing that sucks is waking up coughing so hard I couldn't breath. And it didn't go away until I sufficiently drugged myself up. YET ODDLY THIS SUCKAGE DIDN'T SEEM IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO NOTE. Clearly, my writing woes are far more interesting to talk about. >_>;

All my work today was housechores stuff. The dogs are chewing up EVERYTHING and just putting stuff up on the table doesn't work when the dog can, apparently, jump onto the table. And I am seriously not joking about this. Dad and I both watched Lily jump from the floor unto the table. And we think she can open doors too so. Puppy-proofing requires a bit more than "put stuff up where they can't reach it." u_u
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There is something highly erotic about the eating of food. Especially when that food is 'human'.

Ravenous is still an amazing movie by the way. Best pornographic love story that completely lacks sex and romance. Just watched it today and I want to watch it again.

I am so glad that [community profile] kink_bingo accepts nonsexual kinks (yes, you can have write completely self-indulgent kink-fic without any sex at all) and I am having so much fun with that aspect of kink.

My [community profile] kinked fic looks like it might go in that direction as well? Van seems to want to be asexual in that one but Greed wants some actual sex so this should be fun.

Guy is still hard for me to write. Fucking machines don't seem to be too easy to write about. The combo, with Guy perving all over the machine, is proving to be a challenge.

25man ICC today got canceled on the account of having only 17 show up. Apparently 17 =/= 25. I did Wintersgrasp instead then logged off to finish my pornographic not-porn.

I somehow managed to bruise my finger in such a way that it's now big and purple. I am proud of my achievement.

Thus is my life in the past 24 hours.
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I have decided, angst is for sillies and I don't want to be a silly. Because being a silly is silly. And only silly people are silly, silly!

...Anyway, I don't want to be a silly. So there will be no angsting for as long as I remember that I just said there'd be no angsting. Which gives me about twenty minutes.

So have another meme instead:

Plenty of writers talk about "showing their id", but our id is a vital and unavoidable part of the fic-writing experience - it shows itself in everything we write, whether we know it or not! The id is an awesome thing. Plenty of our favorite fics would never have existed without it. But there's always that pesky question a writer gets to asking (or is that just me?): am I getting my ideas across clearly? How much of my id is showing up when I mean it to, and am I showing off parts of my id I didn't realize I had? It's important to know these things! Conscious id-identification can only improve one's ability to evoke what makes that particular idea so enjoyable for us!

My thread is over here and to your right, the rest of the post.

Oh, and if you continue down the road, you'll can even start a thread yourself! (Provided you read the instructions but seriously, who does that? Noobs, that's who.)
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I love comment fic memes. They're the most low pressure writing challenge, and finding something that inspires you is guaranteed to make someone else happy! :D

And ah, I know there are some Star Ocean folks I know that might be interested in the tri-ace kink meme? RELEVANT TO INTERESTS, MAYHAPS?

There's also [community profile] world_of_kinkcraft but...I don't think I like the way it's being done, with a post for a SINGLE SPECIFIC CHARACTER instead of the free-for-all and well, none of the prompts are really pinging me for kink to be honest. I think if it was a gen thing, I would go for it and the way it's done with having a Featured Lore Character of the Day would do wonders to bring mostly forgotten characters to the limelight (which I approve of whole-heartedly!) but um. yes. The one prompt that pings me is one I can't seem to add anything 'kinky' too, unless having a heartfelt discussion is a kink?

Really, I would prefer a free-for-all that allowed for OCs (example: Tauren/Gnome, size difference kink!) since most of WoW for me is in creating OCs and um, I'd be more pinged for Race/Race than Character/Character to be honest. >>;

But yes, random signal boosting aside, there is a Transfic Mini Fest that I keep poking in and out of but it's been making me go hrm...Mainly, looking through the prompts really does exemplify that there are few trans characters out there so you're left with looking at characters that were intended to be cis and play "What if they weren't?"

Which is not a bad thing! Just...kind of a sad thing that a fest meant to celebrate trans in fandom has so few canonically trans characters to work with. :(

And for something a little more personal only vaguely related. )
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FINALLY! [community profile] hardmode is looking to hire betas, cheerleaders and other creative sorts! We accept all levels of experience (from levels 1 to 100!) and will probably be desperate for you later on. So please, apply now!

...Like right now. Go. Do it. >:[>

And life in the form of work and WoW and the little bit of writing I sometimes do now. )
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1!: Today we went to the zoo! :D But there were no tigers. :( But I bought a tiger plushie from the gift shop anyway. :D

The rest of my life is less exciting. )
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QUICK NOTE: I am not ignoring you [ profile] thunderedge, but LJ won't let me send a PM back and I haven't been able to catch you on MSN. So, just to make sure it's clear, I read it and will probably give a proper response whenever I catch hold of you. ♥

Also, cause [personal profile] kiwikiwi is doing something similar, I think I will too! And by similar, I mean possibly leaving this open as a "prompt suggestion" post instead of something specifically kinky.

Though I'll leave it open and you can leave behind any sort of prompt you want, though I am under no obligation to take any on. (Though if it's something from my kink bingo card (NWS) I will probably at least try.) I won't be rushing to do these, but I figure it could be handy to have a post to pull prompts from if I can't focus on whatever I'm trying to work on which is often...

...I would list fandoms but really, I tend to um, be monogamous with fandoms but if I've written it before and you remember me writing it: Fair Game.
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Writing femslash is hard, really. It does feel much easier to find slash or het pairings that ping me than it is to find femslash pairings that do. It also feels like, while there's a wealth of slash or het pairings to choose from, femslash pairings are very limited. I'm trying to think of why that is but, really, there are few canons where the number of significant female characters matches the number of significant male characters, and few of those female characters really have any interesting relationships themselves.

...And I kinda have rather specific pings, for certain relationship dynamics. When most f/f dynamics are "two friends that confide in each other about how they feel in regards to the dudes" then that...just doesn't ping me.

...And there's also the issue that for whatever reason, I have some standards in my head that I "don't have the skills to write femslash" which...really makes no rational sense? I don't even consciously know where this thought comes from! Which makes it doubly frustrating when I'm trying to tell my brain to stop being dumb and it doesn't listen. D:

Course I'm sure with some creative thought, I can work something out for me but ah, tis difficult. :(

...But in better news, [community profile] hardmode has 20 sign-ups! And I've checked my network page and have seen some posts expressing interest in the challenge and brainstorming what to write and I am all :DDDDD

...Seriously, I grew that many mouths because I couldn't smile enough with just one. \o/


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